Making Robots with the Arduino

ArdBot Construction Notes

The ArdBot Project is all about Arduino robotics. The ArdBot is an economical and expandable autonomous desktop robot that’s powered by an Arduino Uno (or compatible) microcontroller development board.

Like all expandable robots, the ArdBot is designed as as a permanent work-in-progress. It’s never truly finished, and that includes updates, and finding new and better ways of doing things.

Here's you'll find provides updates, downloadable program code, and alternative designs. See the ArdBot Project errata page for corrections and other minor bits and pieces.

The Making Robots with the Arduino article series appeared in SERVO Magazine from November 2010 through May 2011.

Downloadable Program Code

Don't type it! Download it! Get the Arduino sketches for all seven installments of the Making Robots with the Arduino article series.

Right click on a link to save the file to your computer. Unzip the sketch and open in the Arduino IDE.

  • Part 1 - Introduction to Making Robots with the Arduino
  • Part 2 - Building the ArdBot
  • Part 3 - Inside the Arduino
  • Part 4 - Getting Feedback with Sensors
  • Part 5 - Adding Sensors to Explore the World
  • Part 6 - Follow That Line!
  • Part 7 - Putting It All Together

Other People's ArdBots

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