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February 24, 2021

10 Best Automatic Dog Ball Launcher? – Keep Your Dog Entertained

Dogs love playing fetch because it keeps them entertained and active but also helps boost their health, so no day should pass without a fun ball-throwing round. In case you are too busy to throw the ball, get an automatic ball thrower in return and watch your dog's excitement and joy as it retrieves the ball.
February 19, 2021

12 Best Rated Pool Cover Pumps – Inexpensive, Lightweight & Durable

Winterizing the pool is an extensive procedure from which one central part should never miss - the pool cover pump. If you are in need of a pro-grade pump to get rid of the water that gathers on the cover, check out our picks here.
February 16, 2021

7 Best Rated Solar Pool Heaters – Reduce Swimming Pool Heating Costs

Why enjoy swimming in the pool only when summer comes when you could do it the whole year? For this to be possible, however, a solar pool heater is what you need, the ingenious system providing an Eco-friendly manner to raise the temperature of your pool water to make your experience swimming sublime.
February 11, 2021

13 Best Rated Salt Water Pool Systems

Pool water purity is quintessential to the health of those swimming in it, and while leaves can be picked up with a simple net, the same cannot be said for bacteria and small-sized impurities. This is a job for a salt water pool system that effectively tackles the purification issue to keep you safe.
February 9, 2021

13 Best Rated Automatic Cat Feeders

With an automatic cat feeder, you can rest assured knowing that your beloved feline friend gets the right amount of food served at the correct hours each day, without you having to manually refill the bowl. Convenient for pet owners and a life quality enhancer for cats, it's a modern product you shouldn't go without.
February 1, 2021

10 Best Rated Pressure Side Pool Cleaners – Keep the Pool Clean Without any Hassle

Using propulsion through water pressure and effective at cleaning the water and surfaces of the pool, a pressure side pool cleaner is a reliable tool for any pool owner looking to cut back on chores.
January 31, 2021

Can Smart Locks Be Hacked? – Are Smart Locks Worth It?

If you've done a little research regarding smart locks, you have probably seen that the opinions are divided when it comes to their security. We've tried to shed some light in this field and help you decide if it is worth spending your money on one of them. So read on to find answers to some of the most stringent questions.
January 31, 2021

Aquabot Junior Automatic

Looking for a way to destroy bacteria in your residential pool but not a fan of chlorine? We recommend Aquabot Junior Automatic. Equipped with the finest filtering system in the industry, it will collect all the dirt in the water, starting with large debris and ending with small particles like dust and bacteria. Have we caught your attention? Keep reading to find out more.
January 31, 2021

Dolphin Cayman

The price is always an important variable when it comes to purchasing a new appliance. The truth is we are all looking for the best quality-price report, and, in the robot pool cleaner industry, Dolphin Cayman has managed to attain it. This unit is loaded with options and uses revolutionary technology to clean a wide array of pools, all at an excellent price. Take a peek at its features and specifications. Read our review.
January 31, 2021

iRobot Mirra 530

With a strong 4 wheel drive, iRobot Mirra 530 has no problem escalading the walls of any pool, scrubbing and vacuuming algae, dirt, and large debris. Nevertheless, what's truly impressive is the filtering technology that stands behind its cleaning. At up to 70 gallons of water being filtered per minute, you can considerably reduce the level of chlorine or chemicals. Keep your pool clean and safe with this model. Visit our review for complete specifications.
January 31, 2021

Polaris F9450 Sport

This model offers strong and fast cleaning due to the innovative technology that lays behind its operations. It integrates a smart sensor that maps the pool, thus ensuring complete coverage. Moreover, the lift system is performant and allows you to easily pick it up from the water. Want to find out more? Check out this review.
January 31, 2021

Maytronics Dolphin E10

Looking for a pool cleaner that can independently handle the scrubbing of the floor and walls and the vacuuming of dust and debris, but most models are too heavy to allow easy maneuvering? We are proud to announce that we found an excellent model, which doesn't weigh more than 14 pounds. Presenting Maytronics Dolphin E10, an autonomous robot that doesn't require a transport caddy. Visit this article for more information.