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About Us

Robotic devices have taken off in the last years, becoming a common presence in the households of modern people. The technologies that stand behind their operation are constantly evolving too as manufacturers compete with each other to draw the attention of potential buyers and sell their products. This makes it all the more difficult to find a product that complies with your needs and expectations as you always have to take what companies say with a grain of salt. To help in your search and make sure the robotic device for personal use you acquire is on par with your demands, we have put together, your source for information and reviews regarding automated technologies and devices that make life easier.

Finding trustworthy sources online for reviews and product research is a hassle, and we are very aware of this as we went through the experience you did. We know how difficult it is to go in blindly when you make an acquisition and how deceiving most sources can be because personal interest often gets in the way of writing truthful content. You can trust us and the information provided in the articles we upload on as our goal is to make sure that readers leave the website with the knowledge they seek and proper, helpful directions toward making worthwhile purchases.

Turning our passion into a helpful project

We got together and created after we realized what we all had in common – bad experiences searching online for the latest and best robotic devices for household and personal use. Most websites have brands or products that they favor for their own gain, which means that the information can be quite misleading, to say the least. Needless to say, manufacturers hype their products all the time to make them more appealing to potential buyers. This is why we decided to take action and help others who are in this position and cannot seem to find reliable information online easily. We use our previous expertise in sales and personal experience with automated devices and gadgets, as well as the opinion of experts who we contact specifically for valuable input regarding the latest technologies to write accurate articles and reviews that are informative and that our readers can rely on. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a bunch of tech geeks who love spending their time searching and analyzing the latest advancements in robotic technologies, and we want to make sure that this is noticeable in the quality of every piece we write.

Why reliable content matters to us

For each article we upload on, we make sure that we go through extensive research to ensure the content is qualitative, informative, and reliable. Anything that is not on par with our standards is polished and revised as many times as needed before getting released as what matters most to us is that people leave the website pleased with the quality of our writing and efforts. This is a passion project that turned into an actual job for us, the small team that stands behind the website, so we put as much work as needed to guarantee quality is what expects our readers.

We do all the research so you won’t have to

For an article to be on par with our reader’s expectations and the content within it to be comprehensive and contain all the important information that is expected of us to provide, we follow through with proper research regardless of the topic at hand. What this implies is usually days of work, making sure that the final product is qualitative and worth your time. We usually start with brainstorming sessions where each of us shares input regarding the automated technology we write about at that moment. This way, if anyone has valuable information they can share, we take it into account as guidance. Next, we contact experts in the fields we touch upon to learn exactly how the technologies work and what specific products have proved to be groundbreaking in their domains. Then, we go through research of our own, comparing options and collecting as much important information that can help us assess, rate, and rank the products according to their quality and performance. Lastly, we take as much time as needed to read online reviews of customers who have already acquire the products we write about as their input is a reliable source for getting to understand the good and bad sides of these technologies.

Transparency in all the work we do

Unlike other online sources, we do not have any personal gain from advertising specific products as being the best. This makes it easy for us to provide an unbiased opinion regarding what the best robotic devices in all niches we cover are. Nothing influences us and we only go on what we know from experience, input from experts in these domains, hours of research, and the feedback our selections have received from buyers, so you can rest assured knowing that the content is reliable and not uploaded with hidden intentions. We are transparent in our work and strive to meet your needs.

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