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Review of Aqua Products EVO604

Review of Aqua Products EVO604

I f cleaning your pool sounds like the last thing you’d rather be doing right now, we don’t blame you. It is tedious, most of the hard-to-reach spots need to be scrubbed extra-hard, and with the average-sized pool, a muscle ache is the usual next-day expectation. Not to mention the possibility of heatstroke if the only free time you have is during the beaming sun hours. Who would want that? Not you, and certainly not us, since we know what product can do all this effort for you.
The Aqua Products EVO604 is the robot you can count on for almost all pools. Plug this helping hand in and enjoy a clean pool just a little while later.

In case you need a device that can be scheduled, we also have a list of the best robotic pool cleaners, of which some can be programmed for an easier cleaning process.

Design and Accessories

For those who are fans of the movie Wall•E, this pool cleaner will be a fun reminder of the cleaning-robot character Mo, due to its cute and compact design. The top part has a delightful orange, blue, and white mix of colors, while the bogie-style wheels are black.
This 58.8-pound robot comes with a swivel cable that is 60 feet long, brushes in the front and the back, an EZ Clean wastebasket, and a Control Box to make operating it easier.


Aqua Products EVO604 Spec Sheet
Pool type In-ground
Floor type All
Pool size up to 50 feet
Cleaning capabilities Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning cycle duration 1’30” or 2’30”
Cable length 60 feet
Accessories Control Box
Weight 58.8 lbs
Warranty 2 years

Cleaning Performance

The EVO604 is made for in-ground pools that are up to 50 feet, made of any material, including vinyl, pebble, fiberglass, and more. It is made for cleaning floors, walls, and waterlines, so all bases are covered with this nifty device. Its 2 cleaning modes let you decide whether you want to go for a short 1 hour and 30 minutes cleaning of the floor, or a long, 2 hours and 30 minutes cleaning of the whole pool. This device swivels effortlessly and easily climbs up any wall, thanks to the swivel cord and the dual motor that keeps each of the 2 brushes spinning and the back water outlet working seamlessly. Nothing can keep this cleaner from doing its job.
The patent-pending split scrubbers placed front and back assure a thorough, double brushing of the area it cleans to coax even the most stubborn dirt or slime off to be further suctioned by the robot’s strong suction vacuum. Every bit of debris plucked from the pool ends up straight into the 4 liter EZ Clean wastebasket, in which it’s continuously spiraled to not give the dirt even a second to settle and clog the robot’s suction or cleaning capabilities. Be sure to clean the basket after each use to have a smooth operating device.

Ease of Use

This cleaning robot doesn’t require much to be working properly when cleaning your pool. The things you need to make sure of before and after putting it to use are no hard feat.
First, before doing anything, fully submerge it in water. The moment when no more air bubbles can be seen coming up means it’s safe to go to the next step, which is to allow the robot time to sink to the bottom of the pool, so really, nothing you need to do here but supervise. Next, turn it on using the Control Box, and this is also the moment when you can select your preferred cleaning mode – the quick floor cleaning or the full pool cleaning. Then you’re free again while giving the robot time to do its job scrubbing and vacuuming. After the cycle is completed, you’re tasked with turning it off (using the control box again) and hoisting it up from the water by its handle to allow all water to drain out. Finally, clean the wastebasket and store your robot until its next use (make sure that the way you’re storing it doesn’t damage the cable).
Keeping your robot in the pool for more than necessary might cause motor damage, so be wary.

Operating Costs

The EVO604 has a supply voltage of 30W, and given the average $0.13 cost per kilowatt per hour in the USA, this means that with an average once-a-week use of this robot the operating costs you’ll be looking at are $0.41 per year. And $2.03 per 5 years. Therefore, if you’re careful with your cleaner and maintain it properly, for under $1000 you’ll have 5 years in which you won’t need to concern yourself with cleaning your pool manually. A real treat.

Warranty and Support

All Aqua Products, the EVO604 included, come with a 2-year warranty. You’ll just have to register your product on their website and enjoy your dutiful pool cleaner stress-free. In case of any problems or further questions you might have, just refer to the team at Aqua Products via their phone number or the e-mail address shown on their website, within the Mon-Fri 9 AM-4 PM EST timeframe.


Should you find yourself looking at your pool’s waterline and think “It could be cleaner.”, the truth is, it could. And without the hassle and the backache, and the sore muscles. Think about getting a rest from it all and consider a robotic pool cleaner, which has the sole role of lessening your labor and keeping you rested and healthy.
With its fast cleaning cycle and its Quick Start guide included, the Aqua Products EVO604 cleaner robot could be the exact aid you’re looking for, and for a good amount of time. Get yourself a one and forget the feeling of scrubbing motions and pulled muscles.

Linda Tauson
Linda Tauson
With a PhD in communication and several years of experience in journalism, Linda is no stranger to the written word. Since she takes a lot of interest in technical topics, researching new products and tech, and likes to shop for anything that can help make her life easier at home, she is a valuable source of information when it comes to robot vacuums and similar devices. Linda is a connoisseur due to her personal experience with these products, and our main source when we discuss this specific niche.

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