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10 Best Automatic Dog Ball Launcher? – Keep Your Dog Entertained

D ogs rely on their owners for playing, exercising, and eating. Leaving the animal alone and unstimulated can have bad effects on its health, so you need to find smart and hefty ways of keeping it busy. In case you have a really energetic pet, an automatic ball thrower can be of great help in keeping the dog busy and happy while you are away or taking care of urgent business.

As the dog runs for the tossed ball, it enjoys a great workout session that not only consumes its energy but also helps boost overall health. Stores are flooded with ingenious products that keep pets alert and entertained, so finding the one that best suits your needs could be taunting. Worry not, as we have analyzed the top offers and made a chart of the ones that are really worth looking into.

Feeding pets is an essential task that must not be overlooked, not even when the owner is away from home. A gadget of great help in times like those is the automatic cat feeder that dispenses kibble following a precise schedule, thus making sure the pet is well fended for.

Top 9 Automatic Ball Throwers Comparison

Photo Product Size Balls Diameter Shooting Distance Balls Included Funnel Capacity Price

Best Overall
1. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher 13.8 x 14 in. 2 5/8” 8-30 ft. 2 3 balls Check Price at Amazon
2. iDogmate Ball Launcher 13.39 x 9.84 in. 1.5”/2.5” 10-40 ft. 3 3 balls Check Price at Amazon

Editor’s Choice
3. gosh! SmartPult Ball Launcher 9.84 x 7.09 x 11.81 in 2 ” 3-8m (10-26 ft.) N/A 5 balls Check Price at Amazon
4. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher 10.5 x 8 x 7 in. 1.6” 10-30 ft. 3 1 ball Check Price at Amazon

Best for The Money
5. GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4 14.02 x 15 x 17.99 in. Various 50 ft. 3 up to 25 balls Check Price at Amazon

Best with Treat Dispenser
6. Paws & Pals Automatic Dog Ball Launcher 14.3 x 11 x 10.7 in. 2” 10-30 ft. 3 3 balls Check Price at Amazon

Best for Indoor
7. Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch 14.25 x 12 x 8.75 in. 2.75” 10-25 ft. 1 1 ball Check Price at Amazon
8. Etna Gotcha Talking Dog Fetch Toy 9 x 8.5 x 6.5 in. N/A 12 ft. 3 1 ball Check Price at Amazon
9. BallReady Ball Thrower 11.81 x 7.87 in. 1.6” 2-5m (6.5-16 ft.) 3 1 ball Check Price at Amazon
10. Couch Potato Felix & Fido Playball! 14.8 x 11.3 x 10.1 in. 1.5” 20 ft. 3 1 ball Check Price at Amazon

1. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 13.8 x 14 in.
  • Balls Diameter: 2 5/8”
  • Shooting Range: 8-30 ft.
  • Suitable for: Medium and Large Dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or 6 Batteries (not included)
  • Distance Settings: 9
  • Angle Settings: 6
  • Extras: 15 minute rest interval after 15 minutes of play, Audible tone alerts, Motion sensor

A leading manufacturer in the pet-related products industry, PetSafe brings to the table this clever device in a stylish design that can be used by canines of small and average dimensions. Safety is of utmost importance, bearing in mind that the ball is expelled automatically, and you wouldn’t want it to hit the dog in the face. The movement sensor located on the front can detect movement from up to 7 feet away. Additionally, a ball detection sensor is located in the launch pocket. They work together to keep the dog safe and away from the shooting ball.

The audible tones will help your pet understand what to do, thus reducing the chances of getting hit. The ball funnel is outsized, making it simple for the pet to position the ball, and it’s not very tall, so tiny pups will not have trouble dropping the ball. It can throw from 8 to 30 feet. The shooting distance can be set to 9 different stages and you also have 6 angle settings at your disposal. Also, this waterproof device stops after 15 minutes of play, a rest feature specially designed to prevent over-exerting.

Thanks to the adaptable throwing range and the dual power source, it can successfully be used inside the house and outside. It works best with 2.5 inches tennis balls, but it can also perform with smaller types. Created by the PetSafe brand, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty and US-based customer care which provides friendly assistance.

Q: How low is the lowest setting?
A: 8-10 feet is the lowest it can shoot


  • Capable of detecting movement from up to 7 feet away
  • Pauses for 15 minutes
  • It is equipped with multiple distance and angle choices
  • Able to throw within a wide range
  • Audible tones to announce when the ball will be thrown


  • Not appropriate for tiny pups
  • It gets confused if the dog stands in the sensor array


This is an interesting device for small and average to large-sized pups. It is packed with protective sensors, several distance levels, and tone alerts. To make playtime more challenging, it sends the ball far.

If you like dogs but your schedule doesn’t allow you to fend for a real one, try getting a robot dog that requires minimal attention. One of the models in our chart might become your best buddy to keep you company and accustom you to owning a pet.

2. iDogmate Ball Launcher

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 13.39 x 9.84 in.
  • Balls Diameter:1.5”/2.5”
  • Shooting Range: 10-40 ft.
  • Suitable for: Small and Medium Dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or Rechargeable battery (included)
  • Distance Settings: 4
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras: Automatic power saver, Remote control

The large version for bigger pups comes with 3 2.5” balls made of a hard material that can’t be chewed with ease. The funnel is very hefty, measuring 24mm by 24 mm, so it won’t be hard for the pup to reposition the ball. The range varies from 10 to 40 feet so it can be used inside the house in the same safety conditions as outdoors. The overall dimensions are compact, so it won’t take too much space, although the top area is generous enough to hold and throw 3 balls consecutively.

The included remote lets you select the distance and activate the device. Also, two power supplies are available so it can be plugged into an AC outlet or it can work on the included rechargeable battery. To save battery life, the machine turns off after a period of standby, in case the animal feels tired and no longer wants to play. If you have an anxious pet, don’t fear that it will be frightened by the machine, as it doesn’t make loud and disturbing noises.

Q: Can you use smaller diameter balls?
A: Yes, any sort of ball up to 2.5” big.


  • It accommodates two ball sizes
  • The rechargeable battery lasts very long
  • The launching range is generous
  • The remote lets you assist the game


  • The contained within balls are not very solid
  • It doesn’t throw as far as stated at the highest distance


Great for all breeds, it is a smart purchase. It works with two types of balls to fit many breeds. The fact that it very quiet as compared to other similar devices makes it a great addition for people with nervous dogs.

Playing with your dog indoors will result in plenty of mess, as they tend to shed all-year-round. A robot vacuum for pet hair can help you deal with the stubborn hairs that are very hard to take out from carpets, so you can have more time to enjoy playing with your four-legged companion.

3. gosh! SmartPult Ball Launcher

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 9.84 x 7.09 x 11.81 in
  • Balls Diameter: 2”
  • Shooting Range: 3-8m (10-26 ft.)
  • Suitable for: Small and Medium Dogs
  • Power Supply: N/A
  • Distance Settings: 3
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras: WiFi connectivity, Dog food dispenser

This model boasts a slick design and a plethora of impressive features. It’s among the most stylish devices that blend seamlessly into modern homes due to the futuristic design and the vibrant green finish. By far, the feature that makes it pop out is the Internet compatibility that makes it a great addition for busy people who want to keep an eye on their dog while away from home. Using its app compatibility, you can connect it via your home WiFi and control it remotely. You will know when the connection is good through the flickering blue light on the housing.

Since it uses 2” balls, it is the ideal companion for small and medium-size animals and it can dispense 5 balls consecutively, for an endless fun time. Furthermore, it can be adjusted in three different speed settings, including 3, 6, and 8 meters. All these distances can be set by pressing the select button mounted on the top. One of the most interesting features is the snack dispenser on the side that will offer treats and kibble. You can use it to feed the dog since you can create a schedule using the app, or it can dispense treats as a reward for recovering the ball. In the event of dealing with malfunctions, the device is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Q: Are the balls small enough for a cat to play with?
A: Yes, miniature 2” balls can be entertaining for a cat as well.


  • It can carry up to 5 balls
  • It doubles as a feeder due to the treat dispenser
  • It boasts a stylish design
  • Ideal for small to average pups


  • It often disconnects from the internet
  • It’s a bit tall so small pups can’t reach into the ball feeder


It has more features than other similar devices. It works for short and medium-sized canines and it is capable of carrying up to 5 balls. It is simple to set up and operate and your pets will enjoy playing with it.

4. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 10.5 x 8 x 7 in.
  • Balls Diameter: 1.6”
  • Shooting Range: 10-30 ft.
  • Suitable for: Small Dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or 6 Batteries (not included)
  • Distance Settings: 3
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras: Bottom ball storage compartment

It is available in two versions, a Small and a Large, and we will be referring to the Small one in the following lines. It throws small balls 1.6” wide, so it’s ideal for tiny pups that want to play catch with balls they can grab with their mouth. It contains 3 balls in the box so the fun can start right away. The balls are conveniently stored in the bottom compartment when the machine is not in use, so you will never misplace them.

It’s also very compact in size, so short dogs can easily feed the ball into the generous funnel. It launches one ball at a time, requiring the animal to return the ball before launching again. Three distances can be selected, namely 10, 20, and 30 feet away, so it can be safely used inside the house without the risk of breaking something. If you wish, you can pick the variable setting that will throw the ball at a different length every time, to keep the pup guessing.

Thanks to the double power source, it will be efficient in any environment, as it can be plugged in or powered by batteries. With the 1-year protection policy, you can rest assured knowing the manufacturer will deal with possible defects.

Q: What ball size does the large version use?
A: It uses normal 2.5” balls used in tennis.


  • Available in two size versions
  • The distance reaches 30 feet
  • Compact design, ideal for small pups
  • The variable distance setting is very interesting


  • It doesn’t include sensors
  • Battery life runs out quickly


It comes in an interesting shape, so it won’t become another bulky addition to your home. It sets up effortlessly and you will find it very dog-friendly. It comes in two versions, ideal for most breeds.

5. GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 14.02 x 15 x 17.99 in.
  • Balls Diameter: Various
  • Shooting Range: 50 ft.
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large Dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or Batteries (not included)
  • Distance Settings: 3
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras: 3 time settings, Remote control, Auto stop

The biggest concern when playing with a fetch toy is that it will send the ball directly to the face of the dog, hurting the poor thing. This will never happen with the GoDogGo thanks to an ingenious design hack called Safety Arc. It shoots balls upward to keep animals out of a direct pattern.

The tall design, with a large funnel to hold up to 25 balls, makes it more appropriate for big breeds that won’t have a problem reaching into the feeder. Furthermore, this is one of the most convenient machines because it’s suitable for a variety of ball sizes, ranging from 1.75” to 2.5” and it already comes with 3 balls. Three distance options are available, Low, Medium, and High, along with three time settings to launch the ball with 4, 7, and 15 seconds pauses.

With two power sources, it can be used inside and outside the house. Equally important, the remote control will allow you to change the settings with ease from a distance. In addition, the auto-stop safety sensor will offer on-demand fetch whenever the dog wants to play. In case you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 30 days or you can benefit from the 6-month warranty.


  • Remote control with 50 feet range
  • A 6-month warranty period and 30-day return
  • Upward ball lunch for safety
  • Compatible with multiple ball sizes


  • It makes a loud noise when launching
  • Not intended for tiny pups


We highly recommend it because it’s safe for the dog since it doesn’t throw balls directly at it. Also, it works with many ball sizes so it will be a great fit for many breeds. The warranty policy is very appealing as you can return the product free of charge.

6. Paws & Pals Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 14.3 x 11 x 10.7 in.
  • Balls Diameter: 2”
  • Shooting Range: 10-30 ft.
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, and Large Dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or Batteries (not included)
  • Distance Settings: 3
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras: Indicator lights, Food compartment

In terms of design, this one scores big points. It’s stylish and modern, being a great home addition that will not take too much space, since it’s very space-friendly. Given how short it is, it’s the ideal companion for short and medium-sized pups. The construction is weather resistant so it can be used outdoors anytime. The funnel is generous, so dogs can effortlessly drop the ball that will be ejected through the front hole.

It uses 2” balls only and it is capable of sending a ball up to 30 feet high, but you can also choose to throw at 10 or 20 feet. Each selection will be visible through the light indicators. Three pet-safe balls are included in the package but you can always use balls smaller than 2”. It’s a great way to exercise outdoors but it can also be used inside the house, with extreme caution. Thanks to the treat compartment, it can also be used as a feeder or as a rewarding means for the good boy that brought the ball back.


  • Modern design
  • Indicator lights to let you know the distance selected
  • Wide ball feeder
  • Treat compartment


  • No sensor to detect if the dog stands in front of it
  • It has a hard time launching wet and dirty balls


With a modern design and a built-in treat dispenser, we are convinced that this is will become their new favorite toy. Make sure the balls are always clean; otherwise, the machine will hardly throw them.

7. Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 14.25 x 12 x 8.75 in.
  • Balls Diameter: 2.75”
  • Shooting Range: 10-25 ft.
  • Suitable for: Medium and Large Dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or 8 Batteries (not included)
  • Distance Settings: 3
  • Angle Settings: 3
  • Extras: Audible alert

This is an exceptional pick for playing inside the house but it can also be used outdoors due to the battery feature that lasts for hours. Made of superior plastic, it is lightweight so it won’t be hard taking it outside for a play round. It’s a bit tall, so tiny pups might find it hard to place the ball in the funnel, but it’s ideal for average-sized four-legged pals.

Balls measuring 2.75” fit through the feeding channel but can also work with smaller ones. A single ball is included in the package, unlike other models that include at least 3 balls. It tosses balls at 10 or 25 feet and it also offers 3 angles using the bottom legs that elevate or lower the device. A nice feature is the safety alert that can be heard prior to shooting the ball. To announce the ball is coming, a sound will be heard and you can choose to turn it on or off, in case your dog is frightened by loud noises.


  • Space-friendly design
  • Great for average and large size animals
  • Generous fun for effortless ball positioning
  • Modifiable throwing angle


  • Comes with only one ball
  • The distance is not very large


Great for use inside, it will be the best companion for your pet to play with when you are busy. It comes with a basic ball that can be shot at various lengths and it fits very well average to large animals. The distance is not very challenging for very active animals.

8. Etna Gotcha Talking Dog Fetch Toy

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 9 x 8.5 x 6.5 in.
  • Balls Diameter: N/A
  • Shooting Range: 12 ft.
  • Suitable for: Small and Medium dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or 4 Batteries (both not included)
  • Distance Settings:
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras:

Etna Gotcha is specially designed for short canines because it works with small balls only, smaller in size than standard tennis balls. Three are contained in the package so the fun can start immediately. The compact shape makes it ideal for playing inside the house since it won’t take much space, but it can also be taken outdoors thanks to the battery feature. Batteries don’t come in the box, but neither is the AC adapter so you need to find a matching one, which is a major downside.

Unlike other machines with modifiable distance, this one only throws the ball around 12 feet away, which is very short, compared to those that throw over 20-30 feet away. This means that it will not be a challenging play round for very active canines. The funnel is large so they won’t have trouble dropping the ball. A nice feature that other machines lack is the voice that entertains the pet. When the ball is tossed, “Get the ball” can be heard through the speaker, and when the dog retrieves it, the machine says “Good boy!”, making the animal feel more at ease.


  • The low-profile design is great for short pups
  • The ball-return funnel is very large
  • Voice commands
  • Operating is very comprehensive


  • The tossing range is very small
  • The power cable is not included


Small pups will love it, and so will owners who aren’t particularly looking for a piece of complicated and advanced machinery. It comes with 3 miniature balls and features two voice commands that will surely make them feel happy and comfortable while playing.

9. BallReady Ball Thrower

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 11.81 x 7.87 in.
  • Balls Diameter: 1.6”
  • Shooting Range: 2-5m (6.5-16 ft.)
  • Suitable for: Small dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or 1 Battery (included)
  • Distance Settings: 2
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras: Dog food dispenser

This is an auto-fetch machine suitable for small to medium canines. It’s very small, so it can successfully be used inside the house, even more since it throws at very small distances up to 5 meters only. You can select between 2m and 5m, depending on how far the animal is willing to run. The distance is minimal compared to its competitors but along with the low-profile shape, it makes it highly recommended for tiny breeds.

In the box, you will find three balls made of saliva-resistant material so they will take up some chewing. What we like most is its ability to release food for every 1 or 5 balls returned, as a reward. You can also set a regular feeding schedule for every 12 or 24 hours. This way, your canine companion will have its meal served when you are away. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the device, covering for possible malfunctions or defects.


  • Made of quality materials
  • Shooting distance settings
  • It hands out snacks
  • It features a meal feeding time option


  • The distance range is limited
  • The balls are poor quality and tear fast


There are some reasons why this would be a great purchase. It is suitable for small to medium pups and doubles as an automatic feeder, so it will be of great help looking after your dog. The distance range, though, is very small, so it’s not a challenging toy.

10. Couch Potato Felix & Fido Playball!

Check Price at Amazon


  • Size: 14.8 x 11.3 x 10.1 in.
  • Balls Diameter: 1.5”
  • Shooting Range: 20 ft.
  • Suitable for: Small Dogs
  • Power Supply: AC Plug or 6 Batteries (not included)
  • Distance Settings: 3
  • Angle Settings:
  • Extras: Indicator lights

The Couch Potato is ideal for short pets as it works with 1.5” diameter balls, much smaller than most of its competitors. Due to the three settings, Close, Medium, and Long, you can decide how far you want the ball to be thrown, so it can be used inside the house without any risk of accidents. Each time you select a distance, a light will turn on, letting you know how far it will land. The maximum length is around 20 feet, so it’s not very far even on the highest level.

Three balls come in the box, made of a material that is resistant to saliva, so they won’t get damaged after each grab. However, wet balls are harder to throw, so you must make sure you clean them after each play round. Dogs won’t have a problem retrieving the ball as the funnel is very generous in size. The power cable is included and you can also put batteries if you want to use it outside.


  • 3 miniature balls are included
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for use inside the house
  • Wide ball feeding funnel


  • The balls get easily destroyed
  • It often gets stuck and misses shooting


It’s not the strongest out there but it can be a good option if you own a small pup that isn’t very excited about running a lot to retrieve a ball. It’s compactly shaped and has a wide feeding funnel so the ball can be easily repositioned for another shot.

Training Tips – Teaching Your Dog to Use the Launcher

We can agree that playing fetch is every dog’s favorite activity to share with their owner. Whether you suffer from a physical impairment that keeps you from tossing the ball or you simply want to use that time for something more urgent, the dog can have a blast playing fetch by itself if it gets the hang of operating the device. It might seem complicated at first, but with a bit of patience and involvement from your side, the dog can learn how to operate it and entertain itself.

  • STEP 1

    Don’t turn on the machine yet, let the animal get accustomed to it. Throw the ball while standing next to the device.

  • STEP 2

    When the animal brings back the ball, put it into the funnel, then take it back and throw it again. Say commands like “drop it” or “bucket” so the dog will know what to do after retrieving the ball.

  • STEP 3

    After a few rounds, turn the device on. Place the ball in the funnel and have the dog sitting next to it. After launching, say “fetch” so it will go after the ball.

  • STEP 4

    When it brings the ball back, ask the dog to come next to the machine and drop the ball into the funnel, saying “drop it” or “bucket”. This will create associations between the ball and the device. After executing the command, give the dog a snack to stimulate it.

  • STEP 5

    When the ball is tossed, repeat “fetch” so the animal will run to get it. When it comes back, repeat the “drop it” command and offer a new treat. With a few launches, they should get familiar with the machine and will shortly start executing the commands without you having to say them out loud.

Reasons to Make the Purchase

Over the last few years, these devices have increased in popularity as technology advances and aims to make your dog’s health a priority. From physical activity to mental stimulation, all their benefits are amazing and all those hours of continuous fun are essential for a healthy life.

  • Protected health state

    It stimulates the animal’s mind and keeps them active for as long as they want. Moreover, these toys prevent obesity, keeping your pet healthy, and happy. These toys are crafted to enable physical activity, mental stimulation, training, and independence in your canines. They work by placing a ball into the device’s chute that throws it anywhere from 10 to 30 feet. They must run to get the ball, they will manage to coordinate eye-body movements, and they will perform the daily mandatory activities that improve the overall health state.

  • Dog training and discipline

    What we like about these products and we consider a great advantage is the fact that the animal can play with it without human assistance. Also, they learn how to chase and catch an object and retrieve it for another playtime round, which greatly improves their discipline. These devices are great toys that will make your dogs more relaxed. They improve the mood of your pet, providing them with lots of fun and joyful moments even when their beloved human is not around to play.

  • Compensation for your absence

    We must not forget that these machines make up for your absence by offering them a means of playing while you are busy or away. It’s hard to deal with all the daily chores and still find some time to spend with your pet playing fetch, so having a spare solution for times when you are away means keeping your pet happy at all times.

Buying Guide

If you intend to buy a fetch toy for your canine, take a look at this buying guide. Here, you will find everything you need to know, including indispensable features, settings, and performance particularities. You may find some interesting models in stores, but a smart purchase is based on several factors.

  • Distance

    There is nothing more important than selecting the distance, so you can make the game more challenging. While some throwers can be adjusted between 6-16 feet, others can throw the ball to a distance of 30 feet or more. Big breeds need a machine that throws far away because they need to work out more daily, while small pups need balls thrown closer or they will shortly lose interest in fetching.

  • Suitable for use indoors and out

    As was outlined above, some models are fit for exterior playing, while most models work inside and outside. However, if you want to buy one for out-of-doors, do not worry about the extension cord because most of these products are equipped with optional battery power that lasts for a long time. Those that throw balls up to 10 ft. are safe for indoors while the ones that shoot balls further are great for use outside the house.

  • Check the dimensions

    Make an option according to your pet’s size. The regular tennis balls can be returned by medium and large-size canines while the miniature balls are safe to use by small pups. Also, a tall device is not suitable for short breeds because they can’t put the ball into the funnel if they can’t reach it. Some auto ball throwers work with regular balls, while others with miniature balls. This aspect is important to avert exposing your dog to a risk. Small balls pose a choking threat to large breeds while big balls might be uncomfortable for the tiny jaws of small pups.

  • Cost

    As previously mentioned, there are hundreds of models offered for sale, today. Since each device features various functions and settings, the prices may vary widely from a model to another. You can pay a lot of money on a high-quality model that comes packed with the newest features and technologies, but some budget-friendly yet effective devices can rise up to your standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does training take?
On average, it will take 4 to 6 months to teach it to return the ball.

Are the launchers bad for dogs?
Unless they get hit hard by a ball, there is no risk involved in playing with it. Big canines can play around 2 hours daily while small ones should limit to 1 hour. Some vets confirm that long-range models can damage the joints, muscles, and cartilages, causing arthritis.

How does it work?
It shoots a ball to a specific distance and requires the dog to catch it and drop it in the funnel so it will shoot it again. This cycle can be repeated for as long as the animal enjoys it.

Why do dogs like running after balls?
It reminds them of their history as hunters. They prefer balls over other fetching items because it fits their mouth and is easy to return.

Can I use softballs?
We recommend avoiding using softballs. They are so light that the device won’t throw them too far away. Plus, they are not safe. The foam can break into small pieces that can be ingested.

Do dogs know when to stop playing?
They don’t sweat like people do, but they get tired so they will probably know when to stop fetching.

How far do they shoot balls?
It varies from product to product. The lowest starts at 10 feet and can reach 50 feet in high-power machines. Good models let you select the distance.

What size is a regular ball used in tennis?
The diameter, as defined by the International Tennis Federation, is 2.5-2.7”.

Do all dogs play fetch?
We haven’t analyzed all of them, but the majority loves playing fetch. It accentuates their hunting instincts and keeps them dynamic.

Should you toss a ball high?
Avoid throwing high so the dog will have to jump to catch it. It’s best to throw parallel to the ground, allowing them to reach the ball effortlessly to avoid falling and hurting.


A ball fetcher can be a great companion for your dog when you are not around. It keeps it active both physically and mentally while you are busy and, according to studies, 30 minutes to 2 hours of daily physical movement is highly beneficial. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to get your beloved pup a machine that will entertain it during the day. Whether you need one to use inside the house or you are careful with your budget, one of the following models will surely meet your requests.

Best Overall: PetSafe

This machine rises up to the highest standards due to the qualitative construction and the smart features it incorporates. With 9 distance and 6 angle choices, it can shoot balls at a whopping 30 feet length. It incorporates motion sensors to avert accidents. Also, audible alerts notify the animal when a ball is about to be tossed so they can take position and run to fetch it. The generous size makes it suitable for pets of all breeds, especially since it fits medium-size balls that can be caught by small and large breeds alike.

Editor’s Choice: gosh! SmartPult

It requires minimal supervision and provides endless fun outside the house but also inside, if required. Suitable for short and tall dogs alike, it can hold and throw 5 balls simultaneously, so it can even engage multiple pups in the fetch. It doesn’t throw very far, only between 3 and 8 meters, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not entertaining, it’s just safer to use by old or tiny pups. The innovative internet connectivity allows you to control it from distance using your phone so you can watch over the playtime.

Best Automatic Ball Thrower with Treat Dispenser: Paws & Pals

After a tiresome run-and-fetch, dogs might get hungry, so it’s always helpful having some treats around. The bottom treat compartment is ideal for feeding them portions of their favorite snacks. It can also be used to reward them for being a good boy and bringing the ball back. As for the performance, it can throw at a challenging speed and it fits common balls so it’s highly versatile.

Best Indoor Automatic Ball Thrower: Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch

Since it’s not always possible to walk your canine and entertain them for hours, we recommend this interactive machine that throws balls automatically. Space-wise, it is extremely compact, measuring only 8.75” wide and 14.24” tall so it won’t be hard finding a spot for it. It can throw at small distances of 10 feet, ideal for use inside the house. Furthermore, the throwing angle can be adapted to avoid any accidents happening if it hits an object. To protect the dog against the flying ball, a sound will be heard prior to throwing.

Best Automatic Ball Thrower for the Money: GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4

You won’t believe how many nice features come with it. For starters, it is compatible with multiple ball dimensions, it has a generous funnel-like feeding chute and it can throw at impressive lengths up to 50 feet. It will be an awesome companion for pups of all sizes, even large breeds that need extensive daily workouts. The throwing time and distances are modifiable but the animal will always be safe from the thrown balls due to the exclusive Arc design that throws the ball upright and not towards the dog.

Adrian Nolan
Adrian Nolan
Adrian has worked as a professional reviewer since finishing college. His passion for writing can be seen in each article he writes as he makes sure to thoroughly research the subjects and provide accurate and comprehensive information. In his spare time, Adrian likes to catch up on the latest news and read books by his favorite authors but makes sure that he never fully disconnects from the world of technology to be the first one who talks about what new features have appeared in his pieces.