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15 Best Rated Automatic Gate Openers


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A s a homeowner, there is a lot of time wasted on securing all the doors when you leave home, so the last thing you want on your mind is to concern about the gates. For remote, automatic maneuvering of the gates, you’ve got automatic gate openers that open and close the gateway so that you won’t have to move a muscle to do it. Moreover, these systems enhance protection and security, seeing how they guarantee the gate is closed behind you every time you leave the premises of your property.

In the following, we will list the best automatic gate opening systems of the moment and cover options for all gate styles so that you can find what you seek in as little time as possible. We trust that our detailed analysis will help you reach an informed, rapid conclusion and that the system you end up installing complies with your needs and expectations.

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Top 15 Gate Openers Comparison

Photo Product Gate Compatibility Max. Gate Length Max. Gate Weight Features Power Source Warranty Price

Best for Sale
1. Liftmaster LA400PKGU Dual swing 16 feet 850 pounds Safety reversing, Quick close, Wireless dual-gate communication, HomeLink compatible, LED diagnostic display 24V DC; Solar powered 2 years Check Price at Amazon

Editor’s Choice
2. Mighty Mule MM572W Dual Swing 20 feet 850 pounds Wireless compatibility(kit sold separately), Adjustable stall force, Audio entrapment alarm 120V AC, 12 V battery, or solar power 18 months Check Price at Amazon

Best for Dual Swing Gate
3. US Automatic 020320 Sentry 300 Single/Dual swing 20 feet 1,000 pounds Safety stop, Plug-N-Go wiring harness 12V DC battery; Solar powered 3 years Check Price at Amazon

Best for Sliding Gate
4. Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B Sliding gate 30 feet 1,000 pounds Adjustable obstruction sensor, Auto-close, Internal friction brake 12V battery, AC adapter included, or solar power 2 years Check Price at Amazon

Best for Intruder Protection
5. Ghost Controls TDS2XP Dual swing 20 feet 1,000 pounds GhostCode, SafeForce technology, Superior transmitter range, Partymode 12V battery; Solar powered Lifetime on motor and gearbox, 18 months on control box, hardware, and remotes Check Price at Amazon

Best for Wooden Gates
6. Topens PW802 Dual Swing 18 feet 880 pounds Adjustable auto-close time, Adjustable stall force, Microchip rolling code, Stop and reverse mode 110V-240V AC or 24V battery, solar power 1 year Check Price at Amazon

Best for the Money
7. E8 400MM Dual swing 22 feet 1,000 pounds Battery backup AC, DC, or solar power 1 year Check Price at Amazon

Best for Farm Gates
8. TOPENS DK1000S Sliding gate 40 feet 1,800 pounds Midway/pedestrian mode, Adjustable auto-close time, Microchip rolling code AC, battery, solar power (30W panel included) 1 year Check Price at Amazon

Best with Remote
9. ALEKO AC1400NOR Sliding gate 40 feet 1,400 pounds Automatic close, RF coding technology, Safety reversing 110V AC 1 year Check Price at Amazon

Best for Decorative Gates
10. Ghost Controls Architectural Series DTP1XP Single swing 20 feet 1,000 pounds Smart compatible, GhostCode, SafeForce technology 12 V battery or solar power, AC transformer included Lifetime on motor and gearbox, 18 months on control box, hardware, and remotes Check Price at Amazon

Best for Single Swing Gate
11. Mighty Mule FM500 Single/Dual swing 18 feet 850 pounds Adjustable auto-close timer, Soft start and stop 12V battery or solar power 18 months Check Price at Amazon

Best for Heavy Gates
12. CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener Sliding gate 40 feet 3,300 pounds Auto-close feature, Safety stop and reverse, RF hopping code technology 110V AC 1 year Check Price at Amazon

Budget Pick
13. G.T. Master Sliding Automatic Gate Operator Kit GT1300 Sliding gate 27 feet 1,300 pounds Infrared photocell function, Slow start and stop, Auto-close time, Roller code technology 110V AC N/A Check Price at Amazon

Best for Vinyl Fence
14. TOPENS A8 Single swing 18 feet 880 pounds Smooth start and stop , Safety reversing, Adjustable auto-close timer, Manual release key 24V battery, AC power, or solar power 1 year Check Price at Amazon

Best for Chain Link Gate
15. Mighty Mule MM360 Single swing 16 feet 550 pounds Safety reversing, Auto-close timer 12 V automotive or marine battery or solar power 1 year Check Price at Amazon

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1. Liftmaster LA400PKGU – Best Overall

Check Price at Amazon

Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 16’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 850 pounds
  • Gate type: Dual swing
  • Speed: 90-degree opening in 17 seconds
  • Features: Safety reversing , Quick close , Wireless dual-gate communication , HomeLink compatible , LED diagnostic display
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 24V DC; Solar powered
  • Warranty: 2 years

Liftmaster impresses again with a state-of-the-art gate opener, designed to handle both residential and commercial dual swing gates. The 1/2 HP motor is powerful enough to flawlessly operate gates that have a maximum length of 16 feet and weigh up to 850 pounds. The kit includes two arms, and the system integrates synchronized close, which ensures that botch gates shut simultaneously. Moreover, with the by-par delay integrated, it offers the guaranty that the gates always close correctly by adjusting the speed so the primary wing closes last every time.
It is a dependable model that arrives with a 1/4” gold zinc-plated steel chassis, so it can resist outdoor conditions without rusting in time. Furthermore, it excels in what concerns both performance and security features, being at the same time incredibly easy to set up and use.

DIY Installation

While it is true that hiring a specialist to handle the installation job will offer you a better guarantee that the system will function flawlessly for longer, the mechanism isn’t that complicated to not be easily mountable without professional assistance. If you are willing to go through the user manual once or twice, you can pull this job through.

  • No trenching – the wireless dual-gate communication function saves you from having to dig trenches on your driveway to link the sensors to the opener through wires. Thus, you won’t need to put a lot of effort into the installation, the driveway will preserve its nice looks, and the process can be over in a few hours.
  • Solar power – this system is already set to work on solar power. You will only have to add a solar kit to it and get it operating for free. You can also use traditional energy sources, as it comes with an AC adapter and a backup battery.
  • LED diagnostic display – the control board includes a small LED display that will guide you through the setup or troubleshooting process with the help of codes. To identify the problem, check out the code in the user’s manual. If you are reaching for help from the customer service team, make sure to mention the code number you’ve read on the screen.

Once you’ve managed to put everything together, you will also need to go through the setup process, which implies making some adjustments in what concerns the gate limits as well as the force the gates exercise upon an obstacle before stopping and reversing. The smooth start and stop option reduces vibrations and helps prolong the life of the hardware and opener.

Thinking about mounting the unit yourself? Check out our article on how to install an automatic gate opener and follow the steps. You will be ready in no time.

Advanced Safety and Security Features

Another great advantage that is brought by this model is the enhanced property protection. If the robust gate opener is combined with a pair of powerful gates, trespassing will become basically impossible. On the other hand, all users will be protected through a series of features designed to avert unpleasant incidents.

  • Safety reversing – the system identifies obstacles in the gates’ path and transmits the opener that it needs to stop and reverse its action. Thus, pedestrians, pets, and belongings will be protected.
  • Quick close feature – activates the closing mechanism the moment the vehicle exits the interrupt loop.
  • Advanced encryption system – the connection between the operator and the remote is made through a security 2+ integrated radio receiver, which ensures that the codes cannot be intercepted by possible intruders.
  • Battery backup – the included battery stores enough power to keep the operator powered through about 400 cycles in case a blackout occurs. Thus, you can rest assured that you will never get locked outside.

This model complies with the Fire Department safety requirements and will enable auto-open for the gate in case it loses AC power or the battery is depleted. Moreover, if the gate is unlocked, it can be manually opened during emergencies.

Commercial Applicability

The ability to perform up to 100 cycles per day recommends this model for commercial use, seeing how it can resist intense traffic. Besides this aspect, it offers a series of options that make it both convenient and safe for these types of applications.

  • Fast operation – the gate opens to 90 degrees in no longer than 17 seconds, this being one of the fastest systems on the market. This feature ensures that your employees or customers will not have to lose a lot of time at the gate.
  • Anti-tailgate – the gate remains stationary when a vehicle is crossing its perimeter but will close automatically once it is out of the loop. Thus, the cars that follow will not be able to enter without the driver using an authentication method to gain access.
  • MyQ technology – by appending a Wi-Fi hub, you will be able to connect the operator to your smartphone and operate it from afar, a great addition for running a business, seeing how you can let new customers in without welcoming them at the gate.

This model is also compatible with multiple access methods, so you can decide if you want to install a keypad or hand out remotes to your employees (you can add up to 50). For any manufacturing defects that stop it from working optimally, you have a 2-year warranty.


  • Quick installation with the wireless dual-gate communication
  • Solar-ready design allows connecting a solar kit without further modifications
  • Quick close and anti-tailgate prevent unauthorized access
  • MyQ compatible
  • Backup battery provides hundreds of cycles of use in case of a power outage



Flawlessly designed to operate the gate quickly and safely, the Liftmaster LA400PKGU offers the trustworthiness every property owner needs. The advanced sensors tell when there’s an obstacle on the gate’s path and reverse the mechanism to ensure no one gets hurt. Besides all these, it is one of the best picks for commercial use, seeing how it has a robust construction and is ready to perform up to 100 cycles per day.

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2. Mighty Mule MM572W – Editor’s Choice

Check Price at Amazon

Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 18’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 850 pounds
  • Gate type: Dual swing
  • Speed: N/A
  • Features: Wireless compatibility(kit sold separately) , Adjustable stall force , Audio entrapment alarm
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 120V AC, 12 V battery, or solar power
  • Warranty: 18 months

Mighty Mule is already a star among property owners, seeing how you can find their units automating and guarding a lot of residential and commercial gates. Two main reasons make them some of the customers’ main picks. Namely, they are incredibly well-built and able to last through harsh weather and come with super easy installation that allows the average man to pull it through. It is exactly what the Mighty Mule MM572W offers, along with a series of features designed to improve convenience and safety. This model is designed to operate gates that have a length of 18 feet and a maximum weight of 850 lbs.

Quick Installation with all the Hardware Included

You will be impressed by how easy it is to get this model installed. Not only that the manufacturer throws in the package everything you will need to put the pieces together, but it offers a detailed instruction manual that explains each step in simple words. You will also find a lot of DIY videos on their website or YouTube, where one of their professionals explains and shows what you should do, step by step. There’s only one task that may require a specialist, and this implies installing a power source near the gate, but if you are replacing an old opener, you may already have it set in place.

  • Solar power compatible – the opener requires a constant AC power source and comes with a backup battery to cover power outages. Nevertheless, you can simply add a solar power kit to the system and start using green energy for its operation.
  • Adjustable stall force – it is designed to stop and reverse if something or someone is standing in the gate’s perimeter. However, you can adjust the force with which it pushes the obstacle before canceling the closing operation. Thus, you can rest assured that it will not be blocked by a bunch of leaves.
  • Audio entrapment alarm – if it encounters an obstruction, it will try to close twice, but if its force is too low to get over the obstacle, it will sound an alarm to let you know the gate is open and you have a security breach.

The installation process implies putting together all the components and testing that the functions above work optimally. If you encounter any problem, though, you can contact the customer service team, which is ready to assist you at every hour of the day and the night. This product is also backed by an 18-month service contract, so you will enjoy free repairs and parts during this period, assuming that the unit is mounted and used correctly.

Learn more about how these systems work by checking out our article on automatic gate opener types. Our guide will help you understand which mechanism is right for your gates based on a series of criteria that need to be considered, like gate size and weight, aesthetics, or the space you have at your disposal for the installation.

Smart Compatibility

In the current form, you cannot call this model smart. It comes with a control board and a remote that works at a distance of 40 feet, but there’s no real wireless control. On the other hand, you can turn it into a highly convenient product by acquiring the optional wireless connectivity system that is produced by Mighty Mule. It will instantly upgrade your opener, offering access to the following features and functions:

  • Check gate status – by installing the app on your phone, you will be able to check at any moment if the gate was left closed or open.
  • Grant gate access – if you are having a package delivered or an unexpected guest shows up at your gate while you are not at home, you can just grant them access with their smartphones.
  • See who accesses the gate – the app keeps a history of who and at what moment entered or exited the gate, which makes this model ideal for a business place, offering better control over the employees’ schedule.

The wireless hub will allow you to connect the opener to a router, which can be placed at a distance of half a mile. The connection is strong and will not be interrupted even if there are some obstacles in the path.


  • Easy installation with explicative YouTube videos provided by the manufacturer
  • Integrated alarm lets you know if the door cannot close due to an obstruction
  • Solar compatible system
  • Can be upgraded to offer smart operations
  • Works with almost all dual swing gate types


  • The remote control’s action range is rater short
  • The wireless hub needs to be acquired separately


This is the model to go with if you want to save installation money. A little bit of attention while reading the instructions is all you need, along with the patience of putting everything together. Besides, you have a lot of tutorials showing the steps, and a technical team is ready to assist you day and night.

3. US Automatic 020320 Sentry 300 – Best for Dual Swing Gate

Check Price at Amazon

Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 20’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,000 pounds
  • Gate type: Single/Dual swing
  • Speed: 16 seconds
  • Features: Safety stop , Plug-N-Go wiring harness
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 12V DC battery; Solar powered
  • Warranty: 3 years

Ready to ensure flawless operation for a large array of dual swing heavy gates, the Sentry 300 is an exceptional pick for commercial use, which can be used with the same impressive results for a residential gate. The set includes universal mounting brackets that allow you to adapt the system to open the gates, either on the exterior or the interior, depending on how much space you have in your yard. Moreover, it excels on the safety side as well, as you will see in our review.

Fit for Commercial Use

The linear actuator delivers a thrust force of 400 lbs., allowing this unit to operate gates that weigh up to 1,000 lbs. and have a maximum length of 20 feet. Thus, it can be successfully installed on commercial gates, which tend to be more robust.

  • Broad gate compatibility – there’s almost no limit when it comes to the types of gates it can open and close. Just to give the most common examples, it works with ornamental iron models that weigh up to 400 lbs. and have a length of 13 ft., farm gates (max. 250 lbs. and 20 ft. in length), ranch gates ( 300 lbs., 16 ft. in length), and chain-link models (350 lbs., 14 ft. in length) .
  • Sealed circuit board – even if you live in a state where it rains often or the wind tends to blow a lot of dust on your property, you will have no issues with this unit due to the impeccably sealed board that guarantees that the internal circuits will not get affected.
  • Fast operation – it takes about 16 seconds to open the gates, so you won’t spend a lot of time waiting by the gate, nor will your customers if they happen to arrive at a rush hour.

While it only comes with 2 remote transmitters, you can adapt its use by acquiring additional access devices. Thus, you can install a keypad, so every employee or member of the family can get in. Moreover, you can purchase extra remotes if you consider them a more suitable option. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t present Wi-Fi compatibility, so you will not be able to control it through your smartphone.

Easy Installation, Super Safe Operation

Besides all the hardware being provided, along with a set of accessories, this model comes with a color installation manual and a DVD, so you can opt for a DIY installation and save a lot of money. Follow each step, and you will quickly enjoy one of the safest systems on the market.

  • Plug-N-Go wiring harness – this is what we loved the most. As all the wires are already connected through a harness, you will only need to plug it in and have a functional system in less than an hour.
  • Solar power – AC power will get it functioning optimally, but if you are looking to reduce energy costs around the house, it is good to know that this model can be paired with a 6W solar panel. While the panel needs to be acquired separately, the manufacturer throws in a charge controller, which will ensure that the battery will be preserved in good condition. Speaking of, the system also requires a 12 VDC backup battery, which, unfortunately, isn’t included in the price.
  • Safety stop – if an obstacle is blocking the gate’s path, the opener will pause the closing operation. However, this system cannot reverse. You can adjust the stall force, so it knows how hard it should push against the obstruction until it needs to stop.

If you decide to go for the solar-powered option, it is good to know that you can obtain a 30% tax credit deduction for the whole system, seeing how it qualifies as an energy-efficient device. Conversely, no matter which option you pick, US Automatic will back the product for 3 years from the date of the purchase.


  • Can operate a wide array of large heavy doors
  • Great speed makes it fit for business places
  • Safe operation – will not squish your packages or hurt your pets if they happen to be on the gates’ track when closing
  • The solar option can bring you a tax reduction and fewer energy costs
  • Sealed board is resistant to water and dust


  • The backup battery needs to be acquired separately
  • No Wi-Fi compatibility


With robust construction and a sealed circuit board, this model guarantees long-term use. It can be powered either through a DC battery or a solar panel, the second option offering you the chance to cut on energy and even tax costs. Plus, it is one of the fastest, reducing the time spent waiting by the gate considerably.

4. Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B – Best for Sliding Gate

Check Price at Amazon

Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 30’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,000 pounds
  • Gate type: Sliding gate
  • Speed: 1 foot per second
  • Features: Adjustable obstruction sensor , Auto-close , Internal friction brake
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 12V battery, AC adapter included, or solar power
  • Warranty: 2 years

This Mighty Mule is so versatile that it is almost impossible for you to own a slide gate that it cannot open. It is built to stand the outdoor weather conditions, being ready to function even on rainy or snowy days. Plus, it is easy to mount, with all the hardware being already comprised within the package.

Great for Light Commercial Slide Gates

If you are looking to automatize the entrance to your business place, this model can provide the proper performance, security, and safety. The tough construction allows it to handle a high number of cycles per day without requiring frequent maintenance tasks. Moreover, it has broad gate compatibility, so it will easily adapt to the model you have installed.

  • Heavy-duty operation – it can automatize gates that have a length of up to 30 feet and weigh up to 1,000 lbs. Among the compatible gate types, you will encounter tubular steel, wood, wrought steel, ornamental, and chain-link gates. The operator can provide fast opening and closing with a speed of 1 foot per second.
  • Solar panel compatible – you can lower power costs by acquiring the supplementary 10W solar panel. A backup battery is already included, so the system will use it to store energy for emergencies. The energy can come either from the solar panel or from an AC source.
  • Tight space installation – it is fairly compact, measuring 26.5” by 16” by 22”, so you will be able to squeeze it in tighter spaces if this represents an issue with your gate design.

Another great advantage is that it comes with a high-compatibility terminal block, which will allow you to add accessories and make this system functional for your location. Therefore, you will be able to install intercoms or card readers, as well as phone systems, which will make access easier for your employees and customers.

Customizable safety features

You can make a series of adjustments to get the unit’s operation to fit the conditions at your residence or business place and get the best safety:

  • Auto close – by setting a time between the opening and the closing moment, you can ensure the door automatically closes after your vehicle has safely entered or exited the gate. You can set the timer to go from 0 to 120 seconds.
  • Adjustable obstruction sensor – just like most openers, it comes with sensors to tell if there’s an obstruction in the way, and you can adjust the force it puts to overcome the obstacle before stopping and returning to the open position.
  • Internal friction brake – it locks the gate when closed to guarantee trespass is not possible.

The control board allows you to program the unit’s action to go from right to left or left to right, depending on the gate’s design. For this model, Mighty Mule offers a service pledge of 2 years, which extends on the motor, gearbox, and all the other parts.


  • Closes automatically after each vehicle
  • Reverses if it finds an obstruction it cannot overpass
  • Includes a backup battery and can be connected to a solar panel
  • Allows you to add multiple access devices
  • Can operate large and heavy gates


  • Doesn’t have a soft start/stop feature
  • Some customers complained that the chain tends to rust in time, but it is a standard size, so you can easily replace it with a more qualitative one


In terms of security, this model is among the best you can get. It allows you to lock the gate when closed, so no one can open it without your authorization, and has an auto-close feature that guarantees no vehicle will be able to sneak in. Moreover, as it is has a weather-resistant construction and can provide a high number of cycles per day, it is a great option for business places.

5. Ghost Controls TDS2XP – Best for Intruder Protection

Check Price at Amazon

Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 20’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,000 pounds
  • Gate type: Dual swing
  • Speed: 20 seconds
  • Features: GhostCode , SafeForce technology , Superior transmitter range , Partymode
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 12V battery; Solar powered
  • Warranty: Lifetime on motor and gearbox, 18 months on control box, hardware, and remotes

This model is a feasible option for swing gates of up to 1,000 pounds that don’t exceed 20’ in length. After you install it, your life is bound to get a whole lot easier as you can command the gate remotely, and you are guaranteed that it closes behind you when you leave home, ensuring that your property is not exposed to trespassing.

Beginner-Friendly Design

With it, you receive an installation manual that provides instructions to make the whole procedure simple enough so that you follow it on your own, sparing money that you would have otherwise spent on a professional setup. With the acquisition, expect to receive the two remote transmitters you necessitate to control the system from afar.

Furthermore, this system is bound to bring you exceptional peace of mind, seeing how you will benefit from a series of features designed to increase convenience and safety.

  • Outstanding transmitter range – the three-button remote allows you to operate the gates from a distance of up to 1,000 feet. This is an option that you will rarely see on a gate opener.
  • SafeForce technology – this acts as a protection feature if the gate detects an obstacle in its path. More precisely, it automatically reduces the amount of force that is put on the leading edge of the moving gate to ensure that no one will get trapped or hurt. You can choose to install a Photo Eyes beam as well, which can detect an obstruction without the gate having to touch it, but this may be incompatible with a solar panel, seeing how it tends to draw a lot of energy.
  • GhostCode – it ensures that only transmitters, vehicle sensors, or keypads that have been authorized will be able to open the gate. The system includes more than 4 million code combinations, so no one can learn the code and trick the system.
  • Partymode – by activating this function, you can block the gate in open position, even if auto-close is activated. You can use this option if you are throwing a party and need to keep the path clear for the guests. Once the event is over, you can easily disable it, and the operator will continue functioning as previously without further adjustments.

You can connect multiple wired input devices to the control board to customize the functioning of this unit. For example, you can add a keypad to allow your family members or guests to use codes to open the gate.

Solar Panel Included

While most automatic openers can be connected to a solar panel and will work on solar energy, few of them include the panel in the price. Well, Ghost Controls made sure that you don’t need to spend time searching for a suitable model and placed a 10W in the package, all while maintaining an attractive price. The one thing into which you will need to invest, nevertheless, is the backup battery, which needs to be acquired separately.

Regarding the warranty, you will receive lifetime baking for the motor, as well as an 18-month covering of the remaining components. If anything happens during this period, repairs are handled free of charge.


  • The solar panel is already included in the price
  • Super safe operation with the SafeForce technology
  • The remote works even if you are at a distance of 1,000 feet
  • Lifetime service assurance for the main components
  • Encrypted connection ensures that only authorized persons can open the gate


  • The backup battery is not included
  • Some purchasers reported having a difficult time trying to understand the instructions


With the advanced code rolling technology and the openness to add-ons, this model can grow into a complete security system, seeing how you can add extra access options, a lock, or infrared sensors. Nevertheless, even if you buy it as it is you will get great functionality and enjoy excellent safety with the already integrated functions.

6. Topens PW802 – Best for Wooden Gates

Check Price at Amazon

Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 18’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 880 pounds
  • Gate type: Dual swing
  • Speed: 15 seconds
  • Features: Adjustable auto-close time , Adjustable stall force , Microchip rolling code , Stop and reverse mode
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 110V-240V AC or 24V battery, solar power
  • Warranty: 1 year

This model is powered by two 24 DC motors, which are ready to faultlessly operate heavy gates that weigh up to 880 lbs. and have a maximum weight of 18 ft. The extendable swing arms are made from durable aluminum, guaranteeing impeccable performance in time and minimal maintenance. You can install it on tube, panel, or chain-link gates, which can be built from vinyl, wood, or even steel.

  • Two installation styles – the clever design with universal brackets allows you to mount the operator to open the gates either outwards or inwards.
  • AC-electricity powered – while it can accommodate a 24V reserve battery (not includes), you can skip it and go directly for AC power. If you decide not to install the battery, you will still be able to open the gate when there’s no power by using a manual release key.
  • Solar kit compatible – just like the previous models, it can be used with a solar power kit, but, in this case, you will need to buy the battery too so you can store the energy.
  • Soft start and stop – it is a silent model due to the technology that slowly starts the gates, then increases speed to the maximum value, and slows again as the gates approach the edge of the frame. Thus, collisions are avoided.
  • Customizable auto-close time – decide how much time should the operator wait before closing the gates behind you. The time span goes from 3 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Maximum motor running time – the motor runs for 40 seconds, then stops to avoid overheating. This function helps raise the life of the opener.
  • Adjustable stall force – when doing the setup, you will be asked to adjust the force with which the gate pushes an obstacle before abandoning the closing operation. Thus, you can program the gate to go over light debris like leaves or a small twig but stop if it encounters something heavier like a package or even a person.
  • Rolling code technology – every time you use the remote, a new code will be generated, so even if somebody intercepts your present code, they will not be able to use it to further open the gates.

The accessory list is wide open, so you can improve this system until you feel it will provide you with the optimal level of security and convenience. Thus, you can add a smart lock, a keypad, or order supplementary remotes for all your family members. The warranty offered is 1 year, and you have 30 days to return or exchange the product if, for some motive, you are not content with your acquisition.


  • Adaptable to most dual swing gates
  • Two power options; backup battery available
  • Auto-close function amplifies the security level
  • Quiet due to the smooth start and stop
  • Compatible with a broad range of accessories that can turn it into a high-end security system


  • Customer service is rather slow to respond
  • Backup battery is not included


This is a versatile system that works better for most gates and vinyl fences. It has most of the safety and security options a high-end system would offer but comes at a more affordable price. You can improve its convenience by adding accessories, and you will receive helpful customer support, although you will need a bit of patience as the company only uses e-mail, and it often takes about 24 hours to respond.

7. E8 400MM – Best for the Money

Check Price at Amazon

Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 22’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,000 pounds
  • Gate type: Dual swing
  • Speed: 20-30 seconds
  • Features: Battery backup
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: AC/DC; Solar powered
  • Warranty: 1 year

Another renowned brand in this market is E8, the 400MM model coming at an equitable price without sacrificing quality in the slightest. Furthermore, the company backs it against defects in production for 1 year, so repair costs of eventual malfunctions won’t be taken out of your pocket. It comes with a stainless steel construction ready to face daily use and can be easily installed as part of a DIY project.

  • Compatible with large doors – it can successfully operate a leaf measuring up to 22 ft. and weighing a maximum of 1,000 lbs.
  • Screw-driven system – the screw jack makes this operator one of the most time-resistant, ensuring there will be long periods without maintenance work.
  • Alternative power source – you can connect it directly to an AC power source or go for solar power by adding a solar kit. It includes a backup battery as well, which will keep it functioning through blackouts.
  • Safety features – the adjustable force option and soft start/stop are present in this model, as well. Plus, it integrates the auto-close function, which will make the gate close automatically after a time limit that can go from 0 to 99 seconds.
  • Manual release keys – in the eventuality that the blackout lasts more than the number of cycles the battery can handle, you can use a physical key to override the system and get access inside the yard.
  • Wired keypad – a nice surprise is the keypad, which is often sold as an accessory. It allows you to set individual codes for your family members, so they can open the gates even if they don’t have a remote.

Besides the dual stainless steel arm operator, you also receive a control box, 2 x release keys, a receiver with 3 remote transmitters, the backup battery, 4 x wall brackets (primary and secondary), bolts and nuts for the brackets, a transformer, 2 x door holding brackets, and the installation manual that contains instructions for the DIY setup.


  • Attractive quality-price report
  • Easy to mount due to the detailed installation manual
  • Backup battery is offered for free
  • Can be coupled to a green energy source
  • Comes with a keypad that allows setting personal codes for each member of the household


  • A bit slow, seeing how it takes 24 seconds to open the gate at 90 degrees
  • Some customers complained there was not enough info in the manual on how to set up the accessories


8. TOPENS DK1000S – Best for Farm Gate

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 40’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,800 pounds
  • Gate type: Sliding gate
  • Speed: 20-60 seconds
  • Features: Midway/pedestrian mode , Adjustable auto-close time , Microchip rolling code
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: AC, battery, solar power (30W panel included)
  • Warranty: 1 year

Packing a 350W pure copper wire motor that is both ultra-quiet and cost-efficient, the TOPENS DK1000S is ready to deliver the best performance when it comes to operating sliding gates with a length of 40 ft. and a total weight of 1,800 lbs. It is constructed to withstand harsh weather, as it comes with a steel base plate and a sealed cover that is made from ABS. It also packs the latest safety and security technology, offering the user the peace of mind they need.

  • Switch open/close direction – you decide if the gates should open from right to left or from left to right, as this model can adapt to both designs.
  • Go green – a nice surprise is that it comes with three 10W monocrystalline solar panels and is ready to switch from AC power to solar power at any moment. You will need to acquire the battery required for the system to work, though, as it is not offered at the price.
  • No crushing into the gate’s edges – it starts smoothly and stops the same way, so you will not annoy your neighbors with loud crashing noises every time you come or leave your home.
  • No trespassing – the auto-close function is present, allowing you to set a time from 0 to 90 seconds for the car to pass before the gate closes behind it. Furthermore, the system uses the rolling-code technology when interconnecting with the remote, thus matching the uppermost security standards.
  • Safety reverse – there will be no accidents as this system features the adjustable stall force option, which allows it to test if there’s a big obstacle in its path and reverse the action.
  • Pedestrian mode – by activating this option, you can establish an access path by keeping the gate locked in a position that would allow pedestrians to pass but not vehicles.

The backup battery can be of real help in case there’s no power for a while, but if you decide not to buy it, you have the option of using a manual release key to get past the system. The system is easy to install, with a technical team ready to assist you through the installation process. And also, you get a 1-year service assurance to keep you covered in case repairs are needed.


  • Weather-resistant construction makes it suitable for states with harsh weather
  • Works on solar power and the panels are already included
  • Secure rolling code technology grants access only to authorized persons
  • Allows you to grant access to pedestrians only by opening a narrower path
  • Safety reverse ensures the gate doesn’t crush into obstructions


  • Requires further investments to become a functional system, as the rail track and the backup battery are not included
  • While the customer service is super helpful, you may need to wait a while for the response, as it is located in China


A top-notch system that will get your gates opening and closing without error all year round. It is easy to install, but make a note that you need to order the rails and the backup battery separately as they don’t come in the package. On the bright side, nonetheless, you will receive 3 solar panels so you can switch to green energy without a hassle.

9. ALEKO AC1400NOR – Best with Remote

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 40’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,400 pounds
  • Gate type: Sliding gates
  • Speed: 0-44 seconds
  • Features: Automatic close ; RF coding technology , Safety reversing
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 110V AC
  • Warranty: 1 year

This unit is a viable option for sliding gates weighing up to 1400 lb. that don’t exceed 40 ft. in length. Thus, if your gate is considered heavy-duty, this is an option worth taking into consideration. As opposed to other entries, it can support up to 100 remotes, a feature that makes it a nice match for a business place, and by installing an extra receiver, you can increase their number even more. It is simple to install and integrates the following safety and defense features:

  • Stop and reverse – if something obstructs the entrance, the gate will push with an amount of force you’ve set, and if it doesn’t manage to overcome the obstacle, it will stop, then go back into open position.
  • Auto-close – you can make sure the gate doesn’t remain open behind you by setting it to mechanically close after a certain number of seconds or minutes.
  • Limited motor operation time – the motor works for 44 seconds during each cycle and then stops automatically. This safety feature ensures that it doesn’t overheat, and its operation stays cost-effective.
  • RF hopping code technology – a new code is generated each time, ensuring that the transmission is kept between the unit and the authorized remote only.
  • Manual key release – this system doesn’t come with a backup battery, so you will need to use a mechanical key to get the gates to open if there’s no power.
  • Pedestrian mode – creates a narrow path for pedestrians only by locking the gate in open position.

If you want to upgrade the safety system, you can install an eye sensor, which will signal if something or someone is in the gate’s path before it touches it. Unfortunately, this model isn’t compatible with a solar kit. The pledge extends over a period of 1 year.


  • The code “hops” every time the remote is used to prevent breaches
  • Stop and reverse feature keeps pedestrians and pets safe
  • The gate closes automatically after several seconds, so trespassing is not possible
  • The motor stops after 44 seconds to reduce the wear caused by overheating
  • Accepts up to 100 remotes, and their number can be extended through an additional receiver


  • Cannot be used with a solar panel
  • Customer service needs improvement, according to some customers


The most remarkable aspect of this model is its ability to connect to up to 100 remotes, offering from the start the prospect to install it at a business gate. It incorporates a reverse function and will automatically close the gate after each vehicle. Plus, the codes “roll”, so it is almost impossible for hackers to intercept them.

10. Ghost Controls Architectural Series DTP1XP – Best for Decorative Gate

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 20’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,000 pounds
  • Gate type: Single swing
  • Speed: N/A
  • Features: Smart compatible , GhostCode , SafeForce technology
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 12 V battery or solar power, AC transformer included
  • Warranty: Lifetime on motor and gearbox, 18 months on control box, hardware, and remotes

If you are looking to automatize a decorative tubular, chain-link, or plantation-style gate, this is an excellent pick for the money. The system can operate gates with a maximum weight of 900 lbs., which have a length of up to 20 ft. Like most gate openers, it is easy to install, as all the hardware is already in the package, along with a comprehensive set of instructions. It meets the highest safety standards and is ETL-listed. Moreover, it packs all the great technology any Ghost Controls model offers.

  • 1000 ft. remote range – the 5-button remote allows you to open the gate without getting out of your car. The communication range is extremely generous compared with the ranges offered by other companies, thus reducing the odds that the remote will fail to activate the opener on the first try.
  • Auto-close – avoids tailgating by closing the gate after each vehicle. Plus, you can adjust the time so you can feel comfortable driving your car in and out.
  • Alarm – if an obstruction is preventing the gate from closing, an alarm will sound so you can quickly fix the breach.
  • GhostCode technology – ensures that the frequency used by the opener to communicate with the remote or other input devices cannot be intercepted by anyone else except authorized persons.
  • SafeForce technology – prevents the gate from smashing into the edge by controlling the force with which it pushes when it encounters an obstacle.
  • Solar panel – the kit includes a 10-watt solar panel, and you can add two extra 10 watt panels to this system. Note, however, that you will only receive a 12V battery and the solar kit requires two, so you will need to make an additional purchase.

You can add the access device you desire, as this model is ready to work with most wired options. The warranty offered extends over the lifetime of the first owner and covers the motor and gearbox. There are 18 months offered for the other parts.


  • The connection between the remote and the opener is encrypted to prevent interceptions
  • Up to 1,000 feet of remote operation
  • Solar panel included
  • Lifetime warranty for the gearbox and motor
  • No tailgating with the auto-close function


  • For this system to work with a solar panel, you will need to acquire an extra 12V battery
  • Doesn’t support solid panel gates


This model is ready to be installed on a swing decorative gate and can easily be switched on solar power by adding an extra battery. The solar panel is already in the box. Ghost Controls packed it with their best safety functions and follows up with one of the best warranties on the market.

11. Mighty Mule FM500 – Best for Single Swing Gate

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 18’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 850 pounds
  • Gate type: Single/Dual swing
  • Speed: N/A
  • Features: Adjustable auto-close timer , Soft start and stop
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 12V battery; Solar powered
  • Warranty: 18 months

You can choose to install this specific model if you have an 18’ long single-swing gate that doesn’t exceed 850 pounds. When it comes to gate style, rely on it for ornamental, chain link, tube, wood, panel, or vinyl. If you want, there’s the possibility to procure a 10W solar panel produced by the same company for a more energy-efficient manner to power it.

  • Interactive installation DVD – it is designed to be easily installed by any homeowner, so it comes with all the mandatory hardware and complete instructions. Besides, the set comprises a DVD as well, which offers professional directions and advice on both installation and troubleshooting.
  • Soft-close system – found in most high-end models, it allows the gate to start and stop smoothly to reduce wear in time. This also helps maintain the system as quiet as possible.
  • 0-120 seconds auto-close – you can set the time the gate waits before automatically closing behind you.
  • Gate activation alert – the alert system is super important as it signals when the gate is activated so people will not stand in its way. In this case, you can set the volume of the alarm so it is loud enough to prevent accidents but no too loud to disturb your neighbors.
  • Obstruction sensing system – it avoids slamming into obstacles with the help of the adjustable stall force, which tells it when it should stop and reverse its action.

With the acquisition are included 1 x 12V battery, 1 x remote, and 1 x control box that is spacious enough for a second 12V battery. Furthermore, this model is backed by an 18-month guarantee. It’s important to mention that it is UL approved, which shows that this system is not only practical but also safe.


  • Can operate heavy single swing gates
  • Can use solar power for a more cost-efficient action
  • The gate closes after each use
  • Able to identify and avoid crashing into obstacles
  • Sound alarm signals when the gate is being operated


  • Some customers complained that its operation is slow
  • Needs a second battery if you want to adapt it for a solar power source


If you have a single swing gate that needs an opener, go with this Mighty Mule. You have the features of a high-end model in a more affordable unit that is easy to mount, as well. Nevertheless, the cheaper price does come with a small disadvantage. Namely, you will need to wait a bit longer for the gate to open, as the speed is lower.

12. CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener – Best for Heavy Gates

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 40’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 3,300 pounds
  • Gate type: Sliding gate
  • Speed: 43 feet/minute
  • Features: Auto-close feature , Safety stop and reverse , RF hopping code technology
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 110V AC
  • Warranty: 1 year

An exceptionally heavy-duty model, the CO-Z 3300 lb. can be installed on massive sliding doors with a limit weight of 3,300 pounds, a performance that isn’t matched by any of the high-end units available at the moment. The 550W motor helps it push and pull leaves that are up to 40-ft. long, all while preserving a good speed of 36 to 40 feet per minute. It has a durable stainless steel build with an aluminum base and comes with protection features that turn it into a truly valuable acquisition.

  • Set it to close in 12/24/36 seconds – use the control board to tell the operator how much it should wait before closing the gate before your vehicle.
  • Intelligent infrared sensors – it comes with two sensors that can perceive if there’s a blockage in the gate’s path and tell the unit to stop the gate’s action and reverse. The gain of the sensor technology is that the gate doesn’t need to touch the obstruction to know it needs to reverse.
  • 100-ft remote action – the set comprises two remotes, which have a good action range. The rolling code technology is employed to prevent possible security breaches. You can add up to 23 more remotes.
  • Magnetic limit switches – they establish the gate’s maximum open and closed positions, creating a safe space for it to move. They ensure that the gate doesn’t misalign or go out of the rails.
  • Heat protection – this system can be mounted outdoors, seeing how it can continue to function optimally in extreme temperatures of up to 482F.

It cannot be powered by a solar panel, so you will need to provide a constant 110V energy source. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a reserve battery, and there’s no room to add one, so you will need to arrange an additional waterproof case if you decide to install one. The warranty for this product is 1 year.


  • Perfect for heavy iron and steel gates
  • Durable weatherproof construction ensures its long-lastingness in outdoor conditions
  • Magnetic limits protect the gate from sliding off the rails
  • Good remote control range
  • More remotes can be adjoined


  • No room to add a backup battery
  • Not solar panel compatible


If you need to get a commercial door or just a heavy residential model moving, we recommend taking a look at this model. The strong motor that actions the mechanism can easily operate gates weighing over 3,000 pounds, all at a good speed and while maintaining a low noise level.

13. G.T. Master Sliding Automatic Gate Operator Kit GT1300 – Budget Pick

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 27’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,300 pounds
  • Gate type: Sliding gate
  • Speed: 40 feet/minute
  • Features: Infrared photocell function , Slow start and stop , Auto-close time , Roller code technology
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 110V AC
  • Warranty: N/A

The powerful motor behind the GT1300 allows it to operate variate gate types that have a top weight of 1,300 lbs. and a length of 27 feet. The kit comprises a 20’ chain, which can be easily shortened contingent on the gate’s size. You can also lengthen it a bit, but in this case, the manufacturer recommends using the same chain type. This is a straightforward model that works on AC power and cannot be adapted to function with solar power. Nevertheless, it integrates all the essential functions to present both expediency and safety.

  • Soft start, soft stop – your gate will never open or close with a bang due to the intelligent control panel, which smoothens the gate’s operation when it begins to move and when it is just about to stop.
  • IR photocell function – they project an invisible infrared ray between the edges of the gate. If the ray is interrupted, the operator knows somebody is standing in the way and immediately opens the gate to avoid accidents.
  • Auto close – never leave the gate open by mistake with the automatic closing timer. Adjust it to close after 12, 24, or 36 seconds.
  • Add up to 25 remotes – is there a lot of traffic at your gate? Make sure every family member has their own remote for easy access.
  • Manual release key – unfortunately, you will not receive a backup battery, so in case there’s no power, you will need to get out of the car and use a mechanical key to open the gate.

The gate will move with a speed of 40 ft./min., without varying a lot from one type to another. If intensively used, the motor will automatically turn off after 15 minutes to prevent overheating. Plus, it is quite silent, with a peak noise level of only 58 dB.


  • Strong motor – can operate heavy doors
  • Allows you to add supplementary remotes
  • Fast and quiet action
  • IR sensors protect your loved ones
  • Closes on its own after each vehicle


  • The instruction manual is poorly translated
  • The chain is of lower quality


For a budget pick, this model surely brings a lot to the table. Even if there are some problems with the direction manual’s translation, most customers managed to put everything together without the assistance of a professional. It uses sensors to perceive impediments and has a good speed that reduces the time spent at the gate.

14. TOPENS A8 – Best for Vinyl Fence

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 18’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 880 pounds
  • Gate type: Single swing
  • Speed: 15 seconds
  • Features: Smooth start and stop , Safety reversing , Adjustable auto-close timer , Manual release key
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 24V battery; AC electricity; Solar powered
  • Warranty: 1 year

It comes with 24/7 technical support and a comprehensive installation guide developed by U.S. experts. Furthermore, this highly versatile system is matching with installation for wood, vinyl, and steel gates that are shaped as either tubes or panels. It’s suitable for single swing gates that measure 18’ long or weigh less than 850 pounds. By considering it, you will be protected by a 1-year warranty period against defects.

There is an extensive range of safety features provided in its manufacturing that make it one of the safest options for homeowners. These features include:

  • Adjustable stall force – not only that the unit presents a smooth start and stop, but it will reverse in case it encounters an obstruction. All you need to do is decide how high should be the force with which it tries to push an obstacle before it abandons the operation.
  • Motor running time limit40s is the longest time the motor will run before taking a break. It is the control board’s way of protecting it against wear.
  • Microchip rolling code – the system cannot be hacked due to the high number of code combinations possible.
  • Solar compatible – it is an energy-efficient system that can easily work on solar power. For this, you will need to buy a 24V solar panel and a 24V 12 Ah battery.

You will get in the package all of the accessories you need to mount and operate it. These include 2 x remote controls, 1 x control box, 1 x AC transformer that is ETL approved for safety, 1 x emergency release key, and 2 x warning signs.


  • Motor is protecting by an auto shut-off function
  • Can identify obstacles and reverse
  • Can be joined to a solar system
  • Helpful technical support


  • The direction manual skips some steps
  • The hardware is rather cheap and tends to break often


If you need to automatize your single swing gate on a vinyl or other type of fence, do not overpass this model, as it may offer the best quality-price report for this type of application. It uses the latest security technology and is safe to use due to the adjustable stall force. Furthermore, you will get everything you need in the box to perform the fitting as soon as it arrives.

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Specifications & Features:
  • Maximum compatible gate size: 16’ L
  • Maximum gate weight: 550 pounds
  • Gate type: Single swing
  • Speed: 15 seconds
  • Features: Safety reversing , Auto-close timer
  • DIY installation:
  • Powered by: 12V automotive or marine battery; Solar powered
  • Warranty: 1 year

As it integrates the Dual Sense Technology, you can rest assured knowing that independent testing has already been performed and that efficiency and safety are not an issue to concern about with the system. You can install it on multiple gate styles, which include wood, panel, chain link, and vinyl. Moreover, it is suited for mounting on decorative gates.

  • Light gate operation – it is designed for smaller single gates that have a peak length of 16 ft. and a weight of 550 lbs.
  • 24-hour technical support – the installation should go pretty smoothly, as the kit includes detailed directions and a DVD. Plus, you get permanent access to technical support, which is provided by a fast and friendly team.
  • Solar capable – you can connect it to a 5V solar panel and use green energy to keep your opener powered. Alternatively, you can use a 12V marine battery (min. 250 cold-cranking amps), but you will need to acquire it separately.
  • 1-piece system – there’s no need to install a separate control box, seeing how the whole mechanism comes in one piece.

In case there are issues with its performance down the road, during the first year of use, know that it is covered by a manufacturer’s assurance. This means that you won’t be charged for repairs, or even replacement if that’s the case.


  • Will fit in tight spaces as it doesn’t require installing a control box
  • Installation is easy even for novices
  • You can power it by using solar energy
  • 24-hour technical support


  • No soft start/stop function
  • Some customers complained that customer support was not helpful


Designed for light and medium-weight gates, the Mighty Mule MM360 is an economical option that can be installed without effort. It can perform up to 145 cycles per day and is backed by a good 1-year warranty. Nevertheless, consider that you will need to supply a marine-type battery for it to work.

Buying Guide

Criteria Description
Gate size and weight You must commence with measuring the size of the gate so that you pick a system powerful enough to handle its length and height. Another perk that comes with taking precise measurements is that you won’t overburden the opening system, maximizing its lifespan. For example, models like US Automatic 020320 Sentry 300 and Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B can operate gates as heavy as 1,000 lbs., but you will also find weaker models like Mighty Mule MM360, which are fit for lighter gates.
Gate type The market provides several types that can fit single or dual gates. Thus, you must factor in the design of the gate before you make the installation as some system. You must also look into the opening style, whether it is slide or swing, as this is another influential element in the acquisition. If the door swings, take into consideration whether it is a one- or two-piece model.
Power source It must be powered in a certain way, usually from an AC power source, meaning you will have to ensure a power supply near the gate. If this is not possible, you can acquire a solar-powered unit that doesn’t require a power supply. We advise that you opt for a system with battery backup as, during a blackout, it will continue to work as it normally does. Liftmaster LA400PKGU is a good pick in this case.
Frequency of use Ponder how often you are likely to utilize the system to figure out whether you must go for a more heavy-duty product that costs more or if you don’t necessarily need to make a large investment.
Safety features It is vital that the system has some sort of protection features that can help it avoid accidents, seeing how we are talking about heavy gates being actioned by a powerful motor. This is why we recommend making sure that the system you purchase includes an adjustable stall force option or an eye sensor, which can tell it if there’s an obstacle in its path and that it needs to stop and/or reverse. Liftmaster LA400PKGU and Mighty Mule MM572W offer exceptional safety options.
Security features The most significant security aspect is related to the way the remote communicates with the opener. Make sure you pick a system that uses rolling code technology to prevent strangers from getting access to your gate. All openers in our top include this option. You will also want to prevent other vehicles from driving in after you without the drivers using an authentication method, so your pick should also include an auto-close option, like Liftmaster LA400PKGU or Topens PW802 does.
Warranty Last but not least, make sure to check that your option comes with a good warranty, as you may need to have some parts exchanged or you may receive a defective product (these things happen even if the product is delivered by a trustworthy company). The best service pledge is offered by Ghost Controls for both the TDS2XP and DTP1XP, which covers the motor and the gearbox for the lifetime of the first owner.

Types, Operation, Advantages

While there’s some advanced technology behind these mechanisms, their functional principle is quite simple. You’ve got a metallic arm or another accessory, depending on the model, which attaches to the gate, and a motor that activates the arm when you tell it to do it through the remote or another wireless control option. Most models come with safety features like obstacle detection and automatic reverse or a programmable auto-close timer and can be powered either by an AC source, a battery, or a solar panel.

Types of Operators

When it comes to type, you can select between hydraulic and electromechanical. The first type utilizes a fluid to operate the mechanism, which opens and closes the door, while the second relies on electricity. They are usually controlled by a remote that allows you to operate them from afar.

More commonly used is the electromechanical type, so builders have developed solar panels that recharge them to ensure efficiency even if the electricity is shut down. Contingent on the way they operate, these devices are split into 3 categories, as follows:

  • Articulated systems

    They use an arm to command the gate and are not limited when it comes to gate width compatibility. The arm opens the gate the same way you would open a door or a window, by retracting inwards. It’s installed on the pylon, which sustains the gate and, reliant on how wide and heavy it is, you can place it at the base or in the middle of the pylon. If you have double gates, you must purchase a model suited for sectional gates that includes two units on each gate side.

  • Underground systems

    Known as “Under-gate Jack openers” as well, they use a pivot point to maneuver it directly without the need for a stretching arm. They are more subtle, and you can hardly notice they are installed, but they are not very solid either, being easy to vandalize.

  • Sliding systems

    As implied by the name, this type uses a sliding mechanism that pulls the door to the side to open it and slides it back to the middle to close it. It’s perfect for limited spaces where you can’t open the gate by rotating it around its axis.


From better convenience to a higher sense of property safety, there are plenty of benefits that come from fitting an automatic gate opener. Even if the upfront cost may seem somewhat too high, the investment will pay off in the long run, seeing how a unit of this type can last up to 20 years.
These being said, let’s take a quick look at the most prominent advantages you will enjoy with this acquisition:

  • Enhanced security – One of the biggest advantages offered by gate openers is that they keep the gate locked. It is no longer secured by a simple lock but by a motorized mechanism, so it becomes much more difficult for burglars to force it open. Furthermore, as some systems come with integrated alarms, you will be alerted every time somebody is messing with the lock.
  • Consistency in functionality – As the gate opener mechanically closes behind you when you leave the premises of your property in your vehicle, you are ensured that there does not exist the likelihood of you forgetting it open anymore. Thus, there is a real consistency in its functionality as you will not witness any problems with the mechanical parts or other elements, the opener automatically functioning without requiring any effort on your part except for periodical maintenance work.
  • Increased convenience – You won’t waste time operating the gate yourself every time you leave or arrive home. Thus, we must mention the convenience benefit the system brings to the table. You just sit in the car as the door will open on its own, and as you leave, simply push the button for it to close. No more having to get out of the vehicle to do it yourself, which is great, especially when the bad weather comes or when you are in a haste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do automatic gate openers work?
The mechanism differs liable on the type of gate on which they are designed to be installed. Thus, you have the classical models that include a motor and an arm, which will operate single or dual swing gates, or a model designed to handle sliding doors, which will move the door on wheels or cantilevers. They can usually be managed with the help of a remote, which allows you to open and close the gate from afar.

How do I choose an automatic gate opener?
The first aspect you need to take into account is the type of door on which you plan on mounting it, along with its length and weight. Compare these elements with the description of the model you are interested in and see if they match. Only after making sure that the opener can support your gate, you can look into safety and security aspects. You will want a system that stops when finding obstacles to preclude accidents, and the auto-close feature is a highly desirable one, as well.

Can you automate existing gates?
Yes. In general, most pre-installed gates can be adapted to an automatic system. Note, however, that they should be in good state and close optimally, otherwise they can put pressure on the opener and reduce its lifespan.

How do automatic gate sensors work?
Many automatic gate systems use infrared sensors, which help them avoid the gate crushing into the edge or a person/object that may be in its path while closing. These sensors are often used in combination with an adjustable force sensing system, which activates if the sensor fails, stopping and/or reversing the gate’s action.

How long does a gate motor battery last?
An average lifespan for the opener’s battery is 2 to 3 years, with a peak of 4 years if the system is powered by solar energy and not used extensively.

How much does an automatic gate opener cost?
You can get gate models costing from just a couple hundred dollars to a few hundred. It all depends on how qualitatively they are built and the number of functions they can offer. High-end models tend to have longer lifespans and come with advanced security systems that pledge no one will get access to your gate without your permission.

What is the best automatic gate opener?
At present time, you will find the best reliability and safety in the LA400PKGU model produced by Liftmaster. It integrates a quick-close feature, which ensures that no one will be able to follow you after you’ve entered the yard and offers safety reversing as well, protecting belongings or pets that may come in the gate’s path while closing.

Are automatic gate openers secure?
It all depends on how advanced the security system you pick for them. You can add a keypad, biometric locks, or other access devices you deem worthy. Some models even come with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to supervise their actions from your phone. On the other hand, if you are worried that someone may intercept your remote and use the code to open the gates, this is no longer possible, seeing how most models come with the rolling code technology, which generates a new code every time you open the gate.

Are electric gates safe?
Yes. These systems often come with mechanisms that help prevent accidents. For example, you can adjust the force with which the gates should try to overcome an obstacle before stopping and reversing. Or you can pick a product with an infrared sensor that will help detect obstructions before the gate reaches them.

How long do gate openers last?
If it is well cared for and all the parts that get defective are replaced on time, a mechanism of this type can last for over 10 years, some going up to 15 and even 20 years.


Comfort and suitability are at the forefront of our priorities, and a gate opener provides just that, which is why any homeowner would be more than lucky to install a system. Of course, with new technologies on the rise, there’s the added benefit of security as your property is less likely to be trespassed by intruders. Here, we have provided you with what the market has best to offer, and before we end, we’d like to evaluate some of your top choices once more for a full recap.

Best automatic gate opener for sale: Liftmaster LA400PKGU

With the latest technologies used in its manufacturing, it is a must-have if you have a gate that is 16’ long tops or doesn’t exceed 850 pounds in weight. Seeing how it is a solar-powered system, it brings efficiency to the table so that you can remotely operate the gate without the action costing you any money when the bills come.

Editor’s choice: Mighty Mule MM572W

This is one of the most dependable models produced by Mighty Mule. It is designed to operate almost all types of dual swing gates that have a maximum weight of 850 lbs. and a length of up to 18 ft. The fitting process goes super smoothly with this unit due to the extensive explicative videos and instructions the builder provides. Moreover, it is backed by a good service contract, and the technical support team is helpful and friendly.

Best automatic gate opener for intruder protection: Ghost Controls TDS2XP

The straightforward installation you have to follow through with, as well as the full set of accessories that is included, make it one of the most appealing selections for first-time owners. It comprises safe remote transmitters with which you activate the gate from afar, without worrying that someone may intercept the transmission. It might not be the cheapest option you could think of but it still stands among the more affordable entries available, especially considering that its solar-powered profile helps save you money in the long run.

Best automatic gate opener for the money: E8 400MM

Quality generally comes at a price, but this isn’t a golden rule as the E8 is here to prove this wrong. Affordable yet hard to surpass in terms of quality, it is suited for dual gates that measure upward to 22’ in size. Moreover, a full set of accessories is comprised with the acquisition, so there are no extra costs that you will be subjected to later down the road.

Best automatic gate opener for sliding gate: Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B

As sliding gates have different requirements when it comes to their operational manner, you have to install a different sort of opening system as well, and this is the option we recommend you go for. It can handle gates up to 1,000 pounds in weight that don’t exceed 30’ in length. Another aspect that adds to its worthwhileness is that you can select the time it takes for the gate to close behind you.

Best automatic gate opener for wooden gates: Topens PW802

This model is strongly built and able to operate heavy wood gates. To install it, there’s no need for professional help the procedure is quite straightforward and covered in the user manual, and the required hardware is included in the package. It doesn’t produce much noise when it runs, so you can even leave the property at night without waking up the other household members or your neighbors. In terms of quality, you can rest assured you are making a good choice seeing how the manufacturer covers it against defects for 12 months from the moment of acquisition.

Braden Ewing
Braden Ewing
Braden is the editor-in-chief at, as well as the oldest member of the team. He has previous experience in sales as he worked at a local electronics store. While there, Brandon first encountered robotic devices for household use and become passionate about the subject. Since joining the team, he provided expertise regarding the latest technologies in the domain of automated cleaners, conducting proper research at all times to provide users with content that is relevant.

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