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Dolphin Quantum

W hy were the old pool robot cleaners so expensive to run? The explanation is actually pretty simple. They didn’t have the smart navigation technology that lays behind Dolphin Quantum. This machine may seem expensive at first sight, but once you get to discover its benefits, you will realize that it is worth every penny. Every single component has been carefully designed to contribute to the overall performance, and it is impossible not to notice that it is faster, sharper, and more cost-effective than the competition. This being said, we are about to get into details, so stay with us to find out how it works.

The Quantum is among the best models available, but if you want to be sure that it complies with your needs, compare it to the best robotic pool cleaners at the moment.

Cleaning Performance

It features continuous rubber tracks that give it enhanced stability and that maintain constant contact on even the slipperiest of surfaces. These tracks give it greater force and they improve directional control as well. Its features are:

  • Climb – The tracks are the secret behind its ability to escalade walls and scrub them with efficiency
  • Fast – A large pool will be looking impeccable in about 2 hours
  • Programmable – The weekly timer will cut you some slack from having to remember when to perform pool cleaning

Dolphin Quantum Image

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Design and accessories

The innovative design makes it look futuristic, being the perfect addition to your collection of modern devices and appliances for home use. It measures 22 inches in length, 18 inches in height, and 13 inches in width. Some of its design features are:

  • Weight – It weighs only 27.2 pounds so pulling the device out of the pool will be extremely easy even by those with limited mobility
  • Power Cable – It comes with an anti-tangle 60-foot long cable that is made of thermoplastic rubber. Therefore, the cable will reduce frictional drag and it won’t get tangled either
  • Handle – It comes with a convenient carry handle that is located near the front of it. This allows for easy handling, making it easy to store and transport the pool cleaner


Dolphin Quantum Spec Sheet
Pool Type In-Ground
Navigation Technology SmartNav 2.0
Cable Length 50 feet
Filtering System Cartridge filter
Weekly Timer
Tangle Free Swivel
Number of Scrubbing Brushes 1
Drive Direct Drive
Warranty 2-year
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Innovative Technologies

It is not like other conventional models on the market when it comes to the design of its wheels. Some of these smart particularities are:

  • PowerJet 3D Mobility – This technology enables it to avoid obstacles with ease which means that you don’t have to wait around it whilst it’s operating
  • SmartNav 2.0 – It guides it to thoroughly clean the entire pool without going over the same part of the pool twice. Also, it scans the pool and calculates the shortest path to clean it in order to save time and energy
  • HyperBrush Dual Scrubbing – It comes with is highly efficient against microorganisms of all kinds that reside in the pool. Also, the brush is two times faster than traditional brushes. Besides the powerful HyperBrush, it features an additional brush in the back that ensures no dirt or debris will be left behind

Dolphin Quantum Image

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Operating costs

What makes it a great deal despite the high price is the fact that it consumes about 180W to operate. This makes it about 90% more efficient than other types of pool cleaners on the market. Also, it means that it consumes only 5 cents per hour when it operates. Of course, for it to consume so little energy, it uses its many innovative energy-saving features. First of all, the SmartNav 2.0 technology ensures that the entire pool will be thoroughly cleaned while keeping costs low. This technology scans the entire pool before proceeding to clean it, calculating the shortest and fastest cleaning pattern to follow. Also, it features rubber tracks that ensure it won’t slip on the surfaces, so it won’t waste any time and energy while cleaning the pool due to them.

Ease of use

As we have already mentioned, the Quantum does not come with a separate transport caddy, but it does feature a built-in carry handle located near the front of it. The carry handle makes it easy to both transport and store it. If you want to have the transport caddy as well, you must purchase it separately for the price of around $140. Some of its traits are:

  • Housing – The Exoskeleton minimalist architecture and the fact that it features a fast water release system ensures that it will be a breeze to remove the excess weight in order to take it out of the water and transport it easily
  • Cartridge Filter – It features a 400 sq in cartridge filter that is extremely easy to take out and clean
  • SnapLoc Technology – This allows you to simply snap apart the four sides of the filter in order to take it out fast and clean it

Unfortunately, unlike other models on the market, it does not come with a remote control. Also, it lacks a lift system, which means that the cleaner won’t get out of the water on its own, but rather that you will have to get it out of the water.

Dolphin Quantum Image

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Warranty and Support

It is backed by a 2-year warranty. You can try the product out for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied with it during the trial period, you can return it and receive the money spent on it back. In case you are facing difficulties using the device, check the online manual for information regarding its operation. Also, you can contact customer support for any information about the device or get assistance if something happens to it by simply calling the telephone number listed on the manufacturer’s website, or sending an e-mail to the address that you find on the website.

Final Thoughts

If you own a large-sized pool, one that measures up to 60 feet in length, the Quantum robotic pool cleaner produced by Dolphin can prove to be the best option for you to go with. Just as expected from a high-end unit, it comes with numerous features that ensure it will be able to effectively clean every inch of the pool, thus, taking this chore off of your hands completely. Unlike other models out there, it does not get stuck when encountering objects along the way but rather effectively avoid them due to the PowerJet 3D mobility technology.

The low operational costs ensure that you will actually save money in the long run by using it as it will not only spare the filtration system of the pool from working hard, but it will reduce chemical costs as well. In addition, it features what most experts consider to be the most innovative technology of the moment, more precisely the SmartNav 2.0 that ensures the machine won’t pass over the same part of the pool twice and that it will be able to calculate the shortest cleaning route before it starts operating.

Braden Ewing
Braden Ewing
Braden is the editor-in-chief at, as well as the oldest member of the team. He has previous experience in sales as he worked at a local electronics store. While there, Brandon first encountered robotic devices for household use and become passionate about the subject. Since joining the team, he provided expertise regarding the latest technologies in the domain of automated cleaners, conducting proper research at all times to provide users with content that is relevant.
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