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Garage Organization Ideas

U nfortunately, the garage often becomes the dumping ground for all the items that you can’t find room for in the house. The situation is worsened by the fact that there are already enough tools and items that need to be placed in the garage in the first place. This leads to a messy garage, which ultimately makes your life a lot harder when you go in to look for a certain item in it. What you have to do to get out of this unpleasant situation is to organize the garage properly, thus freeing up space and having a system that you follow in order to know precisely where everything is positioned. To give you a helping hand, we rounded up the best garage organization ideas possible, ideas that will help you find what you need easier and that ensure this area won’t ever look messy again. If you want to learn what are these ideas in order to start applying them, check out the following lines.

Garage Organization Ideas

Use a magnetic holder

Magnetic holders can prove to be a heaven-sent for handy people who have a lot of small tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. This is due to the fact that placing these tools on magnetic holders doesn’t only keep them in a fixed location that fully displays them, making it easier to choose what is needed for a specific project, but it ensures that they will not be lost among the rest of the items in the garage as well.

There is no better location for gardening tools than in the garage. Just remember that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t organize them as well as possible to not only make your life easier when looking for them but to prevent the garage from becoming cluttered as well. What’s best for you to do is to keep a clean and neat garage by placing gardening tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes in a tower rack. Simply position the tower rack for it to be on full display when you enter the garage, and you will find the gardening tool that you need in no time.

Garage Organization Ideas

Use cabinets and counters

Cabinets and counters are a valuable addition to the garage when it comes to organizing this area as they help keep a lot of items properly stored and out of plain sight. After all, you don’t want all of your tools or belongings to be out in the open for your friends to see when they come over and want to check out your car or anything else in the garage.

Due to the fact that cabinets and counters can be made to your specific needs when it comes to how they are partitioned, you will surely have enough space to store a big portion of the tools and other types of items in them. Also, the countertops will provide valuable space that you can use to organize various items or appliances. For example, to make your time spent in the garage more pleasurable, you can put a coffee maker on one of the counters or set up a small work area by simply adding a chair, thus getting to enjoy privacy when you want to work from home or simply relax.

Garage Organization Ideas

Organize what you can in plastic tubs and label them

An item that you will find in most garages and attics is the plastic tub. The reason why the plastic tub is a popular item to have is that it allows a discrete and versatile storing space that won’t bother visually. Best of all, these items come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to organize the garage as you like with their help. You should follow these steps:

  • Put as many tools and items as you can in plastic tubs that are of a dark color, not allowing others to figure out what’s in them. This will help preserve a clean and neat image of the garage
  • In order to make it easy for you to remember what you have stored in each of the tubs, you can place labels on them
  • Make sure that the plastic tubs that sit in the front row aren’t positioned with the label in front of them if you want to keep some privacy regarding their content
Garage Organization Ideas

Add a peg rail organizer

Peg rails are discrete and efficient additions that you can make, allowing you to use the wall space better in order to clear the clutter that has probably gathered up on the floor of the garage. They are easy to install and you can choose peg rails of any color or length to perfectly suit your specific needs. Best of all, depending on how high you position them, you can basically place anything you want on them, even tools as long as rakes and shovels. All in all, they help a lot when it comes to keeping everything neat, so we definitely encourage you to not skip on them.

Finding a pegboard that is wide enough to fit all of your tools on it is a piece of cake due to the fact that these items are in high demand, thus the market being filled with them. They are among the most functional items that you can ever come by when it comes to garage organization, so you definitely can’t skip on purchasing and using them. Just buy a pegboard and hang it on the wall, add the included hardware for storing, and create your own organizational system when it comes to the storage of the tools. This way, you will enjoy the luxury of having all of your tools on full display, no matter their shape and size.

Install bike storage racks

If you or your loved ones are active, then you most likely own bikes. Unfortunately, these items take up a lot of space in the garage, space that you could use for a router table, a desk, or anything else that you want. To keep the bikes properly stored in order to free up space and to keep them safe while they’re not in use, what you need to do is to install bike storage racks. The market is filled with such items, so you won’t have any trouble finding the bike racks that best suit your needs and preferences.

Garage Organization Ideas

Take up ceiling storage

Another great idea that you can turn to in order to have a better-organized garage is to take up ceiling storage. If you’re the DIY type of person, then you won’t have trouble at all to make the necessary additions and enjoy the advantage of storing items and tools that you don’t use often in the ceiling storage spaces that you have set up. This won’t only leave more room on the ground level for you to place machines, tools, and items that you use on a regular basis, but it will allow you to create a different purpose area in the garage as well. For example, you could set up a work or entertainment area with the help of the space that you have saved, thus increasing the functionality of the garage.

Garage Organization Ideas

Create separate areas

We end our article by offering you a piece of advice that you definitely have to take into consideration if you have too many different types of items and tools stored in the garage, more precisely that you should create separate areas. To make matters clear, in case you store in the garage items such as gardening tools, repair tools, and old belongings or toys, then make sure that you separate the areas where they are stored. This clear delimitation will take you a long way because when you will need a hammer or a wrench, for example, you will know that you must look on the left side of the garage for it as that is the place where such tools are kept.

Final Thoughts

With this last idea put into practice along with the rest of the tips and tricks found in the article, you will surely have a better-organized garage that won’t ever be cluttered. Nevertheless, although it seems easy, you will have to put a lot of work into turning the garage in a pleasant space. So don’t postpone it anymore. Go to the store and get everything you need. We guarantee that it won’t take long until your hard work will pay off.

Braden Ewing
Braden Ewing
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