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Instapark Betta Review

W hen first installing your pool maybe you let your excitement get the best of you and didn’t actually realize just how permanent the cleaning part was. And if you happen to live in a windy state and your pool has a ‘conveniently’ placed tree above it, you’re in for a whole lot of skimming. But if you’re anything like the average pool owner and extension rods for manual skimmers just won’t cut it for you, we have the solution.

The solar-powered Instapark Betta automatic pool skimmer is the day and night answer to every windy day, every rogue bug or crawler, and every bit of pollen or leaves fallen askew from neighboring tree branches.

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Design and Accessories

This skimming robot comes in the size of 22 x 19 x 8 inches and the weight of 14.12 pounds, meaning that handling and storing won’t pose a real problem. In terms of design, it reminds of the type of futuristic, flying spaceships pictured in various blockbuster movies, especially the two propellers in the back. It comes in 3 color options, first being a black and white color scheme with red details, then a black and blue with white details, and lastly a silver combo option.
Accessory-wise it comes with a remote controler to keep the pool skimming process as hands-off as possible for those more inclined towards quality leisure time.


Instapark Betta Specs
Pool type All
Pool size Any size
Cleaning capabilities Water surface
Cleaning cycle duration All day
Charging Time 5-7 hours for full charge
Navigation Docking, Ultrasonic Radar Sensors, Complete Autonomy
Accessories Remote
Weight 14.12 lbs
Warranty 1 year
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Check Price at Amazon

Cleaning Performance

Its cleaning job entails ridding the pool surface of every audacious trespasser like leaves, bugs, tree pollen, dust, and anything that the pool can live without. The motor that sits under the water surface is brushless and it connects to the thruster directly, which means you won’t have to worry about the short lifespan of the old, conventional reduction gear. You can place it in the water and leave it to do its job all day, and if charged enough, all night.
Being a solar-powered device, the Betta can clean any pool size, from the biggest to the smallest, and it virtually runs the whole day. It makes its way around the pool using ultrasonic radar sensors. They help the navigation and aid the skimmer with the turns and rotations it makes on the working area, which makes it suitable for pools with narrow entry points or decorative corners.

Ease of Use

As previously mentioned, this device comes with a remote control function, making for an effortless switch from automatic to wireless remote operating. The settings applicable while using the remote are:

  • Fast-fixed point cleaning
  • Docking anytime, anywhere

When it comes to waste disposal, the device’s skim basket has a large capacity and with its unique lock latch and handle, removal is an easy process. Docking the robot, removing the basket, cleaning it, and putting it back into place can all be done while the Betta sits patiently on the water. Don’t worry about any debris finding its way back inside the water, the fine mesh of the basket prevents anything from escaping.
Another feature that makes using this skimmer trouble-free dream is its autonomy. If it has been running for longer periods of time and the battery runs out (this is when a red light starts flashing), it will automatically detect an area with sun and sit itself in it to charge up. After charging, there’s no need for any button press, as it will start running by itself and get to cleaning again. In case your pool area is shady, be sure to take the device out and put it in a sunny spot to charge after a cleaning cycle.

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Operating Costs

No long cord, no charging cable, no charging stress. This skimmer is 100% solar-powered, and 5 to 7 hours of direct sunlight will fully charge it for efficient cleaning. During winter, or overcast days charging will need more hours and, obviously, running time will be shorter.
The area on the skimmer that sports the solar panel is covered by a wear-resistant ETFE material, which boosts the conversion efficiency by 21.5%. and keeps the panel lifespan longer. The material of which the machine is made is also UV-resistant which keeps it free of any radiation damaging when charging or performing cleaning duties. Overall, the only cost is the purchase of the device itself.

Warranty and Support

For the duration of 1 year, the Instapark team stands by its product and offers a warranty. If issues arise with your device, be sure to have the order number on hand when contacting customer support, either via e-mail or the phone number displayed on the Instapark website. Tech support and any inquiries will be answered within the Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM schedule (excluding holidays).
The 1-year warranty only applies to products within the United States of America.


The best part about this automatic skimmer is that you can get to the most enjoyable part of owning a pool without the need to handpick every pesky surface intruder. And in case you have so much on your plate that you simply forget to charge it, the solar panels and the device autonomy do the job for you.
No more reminders and no more reaching around for random floaters – for under $600, the Betta covers your skimming needs from every angle.

Linda Tauson
Linda Tauson
With a PhD in communication and several years of experience in journalism, Linda is no stranger to the written word. Since she takes a lot of interest in technical topics, researching new products and tech, and likes to shop for anything that can help make her life easier at home, she is a valuable source of information when it comes to robot vacuums and similar devices. Linda is a connoisseur due to her personal experience with these products, and our main source when we discuss this specific niche.
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