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Smart Locks

April 22, 2019

Ardwolf CJ8015 Electronic Keyless

One of the most common problems with classical locks is that it is almost impossible to find them in the dark. You need to search for your phone and, if someone is following you home, it might be difficult to avoid them. The best solution at the moment is to install a smart lock, and Ardwolf CJ8015 happens to be among the most reliable on the market. It will provide you with backlit buttons and a code so you don't need to search your bag for your keys or phone. Ready to try it? Visit this article for details.
January 18, 2021

15 Best Rated Fingerprint Door Locks – Home Security is Important

These models use advanced technology and are equipped with so many impressive features, that it is quite difficult to decide which is the right one for your home. To compare these smart door locks, take a look at the comparison within.
January 19, 2021

17 Best Rated Smart Locks – Smart Access to your Home

Home safety is no joking matter, and if you like to take things as seriously as possible, you need to install a smart door lock that prevents intruders from breaking an entry. The market is filled with these useful, innovative systems, and we made sure to select the best for you here.
January 22, 2021

Schlage BE479 Sense

This smart lock offers excellent security features, and the installation process doesn't take more than 20 minutes. It will alert you if somebody is trying to break into your home and will keep an accurate log of the people who entered and left the house. And it has plenty more to offer, so check out our review for a complete description and specifications.
January 22, 2021

Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen

Smart, smart, smart. This device has a solution for any of your problems. It locks the door, it unlocks the door, by phone or by hand. It keeps track of whoever enters your home. It works with Alexa and can generate temporary keys for your guests. In a nutshell, it is the thing you want to guard your house. We must admit we were impressed, so you should check it out too. Just read our article and get the information.
January 23, 2021

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

Your whole life you have carried a key with you. In your bag, in your pocket, always checking on it to make sure at the end of the day you will be able to enter your own house. Well, things can finally change with this smart lock from Kwikset, which is not only secure and well-built but one of the most affordable. Visit our article and learn everything about it before making a decision.
January 24, 2021

PIN Genie Smart Lock PGD728

This is a high-end model that will bring a plus of elegance to your home's entrance. However, this is not the reason for which you should buy it. It is its excellent capability of securing your living space that makes it a great purchase. View a complete analysis of its features and specifications in our article.
January 25, 2021

Schlage BE365VCAM619

A more affordable variant, Schlage BE365VCAM619 is just as safe as its more expensive counterparts. The only difference is that it offers fewer options. Nevertheless, you will soon discover that you don't need a memory of over 100 codes and that the 16 codes it can store are enough for every member of the family to have an access password. Plus, although it cannot connect to your smartphone, it is built of premium materials that make it highly resistant to mechanical forces, so you should totally check it out.
January 31, 2021

Can Smart Locks Be Hacked? – Are Smart Locks Worth It?

If you've done a little research regarding smart locks, you have probably seen that the opinions are divided when it comes to their security. We've tried to shed some light in this field and help you decide if it is worth spending your money on one of them. So read on to find answers to some of the most stringent questions.

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