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Polaris P825 Review

I f your cousin just called and asked you, as nicely as possible, to provide your swimming pool for his child’s birthday party next week and you said yes, but upon gazing into your back yard you realized that your cleaning robot just gave its last breath, leaving your pool a dirty mess, don’t worry.

The Polaris P825 can be the perfect rescuer. No concerns about pool type or shape are needed because this one product wonder can sweep, scrub, and vacuum from pebble to tile, and from floors to waterline. Your pool will be good to go in just 1 hour and a half.

The cable length doesn’t seem right for your pool? Some of these robotic pool cleaners might have you covered when it comes to that aspect.

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Design and Accessories

A white, compact, ready-for-action, 16 x 16.5 x 10 inches, and 20lbs robot is what to expect when opening your package. This soldier comes prepared with a 50-feet long, swiveling cable, track tires, a 4l debris canister, and a Quick Start guide to help you help him spring into action as soon as possible. And if all that isn’t enough, you also have a premium caddy included, which is easy to put together and it makes carrying the robot around something of a stroll in the park.

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Polaris P825 Specs
Pool type In-ground
Floor type All
Pool size up to 40′
Cleaning capabilities Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning cycle duration 1’30”
Cable length 50′
Navigation Surface Control System
Accessories Control Box, Premium Caddy
Weight 20lbs
Warranty 2 years
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Cleaning Performance

This cleaner is a match for in-ground swimming pools of up to 40 feet, made of anything: Vinyl, Fiberglass, Pebble, Tile, you name it. And the best part is, if you have a newly dried coat of paint, there will be no scuffing from this unit.
The P825 comes with 2 cleaning mode options, namely, a floor option and a floor-wall-waterline option. During a cleaning cycle, its automatic position calibrator comes into play, thus resulting in a periodic, but momentary 20-second stop. After that, it will resume its work.
To easily climb the pool walls, this robot has a Surface Control System to help adjust how the tracks adhere to the wall for precise, spotless cleaning. There are 4 setting options that you can choose from by pressing the SCS button. The 4 LEDs indicate the level you are at, from roughest to smoothest, and you can only go through them in a cycle:

  • Level 1 – Pebble
  • Level 2 – Concrete
  • Level 3 – Vinyl/Fiberglass
  • Level 4 – Tile

The scrubbing of the pool area is done with the help of front and rear pleated PVC brushes that have wear&tear PVC indicator grooves (when the grooves become smooth they indicate the wear). Even if the brushes don’t seem to be worn evenly, the recommended replacement time is every 2 years. All debris dislodged by the brushes gets suctioned by the patented Cyclonic Vacuum Technology, which doesn’t lose suction even with larger amounts of debris, and is sent into the waste canister.

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Ease of Use

For easier handling, the cleaner comes with a control box and its own caddy (no tools for assembly required), which is easy to wheel around when putting the device to work. After plugging in the robot and spreading the cable accordingly – ensuring no kinks or tangles – patiently submerge it in your pool and when it reaches the bottom choose the cleaning mode you wish for it to perform. During its first run around the pool, check on its wall climbing performance and adjust the Surface Control System accordingly. If it doesn’t reach the waterline, level up, and if it goes above it and pulls air, level down.
After a completed cycle, check the filter canister through the transparent lid for the waste collection level. Emptying it is a breeze, thanks to the Push’N’Go locking mechanism, just shake the debris out and hose down the canister. Also, be a good sport and also give the robot some attention, using clean water with just a touch of suds and then rinsing it thoroughly. After cleaning, let it dry in a shady spot, avoiding direct sunlight as it might cause damage.
If at any point you might see a LED flashing on the device, your user manual’s troubleshooting guide might help with avoiding a service call:

  • One flash/second – disconnect and reconnect its cable from the power source
  • Two flashes/second – check tracks for jamming issues and brushes for debris*
  • Three flashes/second – check pump or propelled for dirt or clean the filter*

*Start a new cleaning cycle afterward.

Operating Costs

The P825 is extremely energy efficient, and except for the initial cost, it doesn’t require a large amount from your wallet. Being a 30W device with a $0.41 electricity bill a year means you’re looking at only $0.007 per cleaning cycle, should you choose to use it once every week. And it doesn’t make a noticeable difference even if you use it a few extra times either.
Bottom line is, no matter what pool shape and type you own, for around $1,000 you’ll have a sparkling clean pool for several good years.

Warranty and Support

Polaris robotic pool cleaners come with a 2-year warranty. For the best service and warranty tracking, make sure to register your product on their website.
The warranty applies only to purchases made in the United States or Canada, and only to the first owner and first installation site of the product. Not maintaining proper pool chemical balance or mishandling the product in any way stated in the user manual can and will void the warranty.
For any other concerns, questions, or technical support, your options are contacting the original dealer, locating an independent service company, or using the Fluidra e-mail/phone number displayed on the Polaris website when clicking the ‘Support‘ option on the bottom of the page.


For a fast, proper, and effortless cleaning, the P825 has got your back. Submerge it, set your preferred cleaning mode, press start, and lay back while you watch the robot clean every bit of every corner that can represent a risk for the nearing birthday celebration.
Don’t forget to clean and store your robot in its snug caddy, to guarantee a long and productive cleaning lifespan.

Linda Tauson
Linda Tauson
With a PhD in communication and several years of experience in journalism, Linda is no stranger to the written word. Since she takes a lot of interest in technical topics, researching new products and tech, and likes to shop for anything that can help make her life easier at home, she is a valuable source of information when it comes to robot vacuums and similar devices. Linda is a connoisseur due to her personal experience with these products, and our main source when we discuss this specific niche.
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