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A nother day, another gust of wind blowing dirt into your recently cleaned pool. Sure, you might have a cleaning robot already, but if its cord just got damaged and you can’t stand the thought of buying a new one only to go through with the same outcome all over again, switch to cordless, battery-powered robots.

The QT QOMOTOP pool robot is just what you need to get rid of the tripping nuisance and having to calculate whether or not the cord length will reach your outlet or you need to bring out an extension cord. Suitable for most pool shapes, sizes, and materials, this device is worth taking a look at.

Design and Accessories

This robot’s shape resembles a remote-controlled car. The 13.1″ x 11.8″ x 8.9″ size and the 12.12lbs weight make for relatively easy maneuvering when setting it up for pool duty. With the cherry-on-top cordless feature, there’s an added likeability to the design and it makes for a more modern robot look. It also means that the robot comes with a charger, and other accessories include a tow rope and an extra swing plate.
It is mainly white, with black wheels, and a splash of color on top. The options are a cool blue or a lake green.

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Pool type In-ground and Above ground pools
Floor type Concrete, Fiberglass, Vinyl
Pool size up to 860 square feet
Cleaning capabilities flat floor
Cleaning cycle duration between 60 and 90 minutes
Battery Life up to 90 minutes
Battery Charging Time 5-6 hours
Navigation Automatic Docking
Accessories Tow Rope, Spare Swing Plate
Weight 12.12lbs
Warranty 24 months
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Cleaning Performance

The QT QOMOTOP is ideal for most pools with a flat floor and has a surface range of up to 860 square feet with a maximum of 6.6 feet water depth.
No matter if you have a concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass pool, this little handyman will do the job just fine. The only type it will not work well on is a soft pool.

Regarding the shape of your pool, you have a small adjustable nozzle that you can turn to switch to the most suitable cleaning path. One detail that might require supervision during the first use is the slope degree since the robot’s maximum is 15°. Just keep an eye on it and see how it moves.
With 2 large suction components and a sturdy brush on the bottom to aid in collecting bigger debris, your pool will be spotless. With larger pebbles, however, there might be some assistance needed so as to not risk any damage to the cleaning mechanism.

The cord replacer is a 5000 mAh battery. This battery can assure 60 to 90 minutes of constant run time, which means it can easily clean the surface of an average swimming pool. After a full clean-up, the charging time you’re looking at for a full battery is 5 to 6 hours. Another integrated feature that helps with the battery life is the swing plate. Its purpose is to help the robot change direction whenever it encounters a wall.

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Ease of Use

When it comes to being user-friendly, this gadget checks out. It can be quickly set up to start a 90-minute cleaning routine, leaving you open to any other tasks for the day. You only turn on the switch knob before dropping it in the water, and 15 seconds later you will see it doing its job while the blue light indicator keeps its whereabouts known. After the cleaning job is done, the Automatic Docking mechanism will lead the robot to an edge, from where you can easily grab the floating tow rope attached to the handle and hoist up your hard-worker. It’s important that you switch off the power knob and wait until the blue light fades out. This way you protect the battery and motor.
For maintaining the robot’s cleaning capabilities as effective as the first time you need to clean it after each use. Luckily, this is an easy thing to do. Take off its filter cover, rinse the filter, clear out the spacious debris tray, and check for any pebble that might be lodged in the wheels or other crevices. And the clean-up is done.

Operating Costs

The operating costs of this device are not stress-inducing, considering the otherwise manual labor you’d be subjecting yourself to without it.
Your pool will be swim-ready in 90 minutes or less, and thanks to the level of cleanliness provided your pool will be more environmentally friendly because your water will require a smaller quantity of chemicals. Even more, the cordless bonus means no more worrying about cord damage and needing expensive replacements.

Fewer maintenance costs and less tiresome work for just under $400.

Warranty and Support

Each QOMOTOP product comes with a 2-year warranty from the day of the purchase. So, your robot can be repaired or replaced in case of factory issues for a period of 24 months. Just be careful when purchasing, since the warranty applies to products from authorized sellers only.
If you are careful when opening the package and don’t misuse or damage the cleaner, you also have a 90-day, money-back, return guarantee.

The QOMOTOP team offers lifetime basic tech support and a 24-hour fast response rate. Write to the e-mail address provided on their website at any time within the Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6:30 PM schedule.


To sum it all up, switch on the knob, drop it in the water, and enjoy a pristine pool. No cord to reel in and miscellaneous forgotten objects on the pool deck, just a fun blue light gliding around the floor bottom, making sure there is nothing in the water except for the small sparkles when the sun shines on it.
Your guests will enjoy your pool and you’ll enjoy every moment with them, without having to constantly think about the cleaning that will ensue.

Linda Tauson
Linda Tauson
With a PhD in communication and several years of experience in journalism, Linda is no stranger to the written word. Since she takes a lot of interest in technical topics, researching new products and tech, and likes to shop for anything that can help make her life easier at home, she is a valuable source of information when it comes to robot vacuums and similar devices. Linda is a connoisseur due to her personal experience with these products, and our main source when we discuss this specific niche.
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