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Water Tech Pool Blaster Power Rated 4000

H aving to clean the swimming pool can be a demanding task, but fortunately, with the help of a robotic pool cleaner, you won’t feel this like a chore. A great example of such a cleaner is the Water Tech Pool Blaster Power Rated 4000, which is an in-ground robot with remarkable results. The recommended pool size for using it is approximately 1076 square feet and besides the fact it is easy to use, it is also energy-efficient, which makes it a great choice for many pool owners. Designed and produced by the Water Tech company, this model is one of their many pool cleaners that have as main purpose superior cleaning results. However, if you want to purchase this cleaner, you will have to be willing to pay more money in comparison to other available models.

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Cleaning Performance

The product features an amazing cleaning performance being able to clean any pool surface in approximately a half-hour. Also, we like the fact that it features both internal and external timer and electronic swivel. This is possible due to the 24V-DC high-speed submersible drive motor and the efficient pump motor that makes sure every inch of your swimming pool will be well taken care of. Some of its cleaning particularities are:

  • Programmable – Among the best things we like about it is the fact that is fully programmable and you can easily choose to clean the pool from 3 available programs. Therefore, depending on how dirty is your pool, you can select the desired program and let it do its job without your assistance
  • Filter – Additionally, the 2-micron filter can successfully capture the debris and dirt to guarantee the pool water is clean
  • High-capacity – According to the manufacturer’s specifications, it can filter up to 4225 gallons of water per hour, which is quite impressive

Water Tech Pool Blaster Power Rated 4000 Image

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Design and Accessories

The size is 20 1/4 x 20 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches and it weighs 46 pounds. As for its design, this is very simple, being available only in blue color. At the same time, it features solid construction, being specially made to resist for many years. For increased convenience, it has a handle that allows you to maneuver it with ease. The floating cable is long enough to allow it to reach every corner of your pool, measuring no less than 75 feet. Also, another important aspect we should mention here is the fact that it comes with a transport caddy, which definitely makes it a more attractive choice for many customers.

Specifications Sheet

Water Tech Pool Blaster Power Rated 4000 specs
Pool Suitability In-ground residential pools
Floor Suitability Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Pebble and Tile
Power Cord Size 60 feet
Filtration Capacity Up to 4225 gallons per hour
Duration of Cleaning 30 minutes to 3 hours
Navigation Aqua Smart System
Warranty 3-years limited warranty
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Ease of Use

Like any other robot pool cleaner, this one won’t cause you any headaches because it is very simple to use and maintain. Besides the fact that it comes with a transportation caddy, it also comes with a remote that allows you to control it from afar. Some of its features are:

  • Easy Access – At the same time, the top access filter means less hassle when it comes to clean the filter
  • Leave It Unattended – Since it is programmable, you can leave it unattended and it will carefully clean the pool without requiring your supervision
  • Installation – It does not require installation or configuration, so there is nothing to worry about

Water Tech Pool Blaster Power Rated 4000 Image

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Operating Costs

It is energy efficient, so it is a great way to lower your electricity bills. Moreover, due to the fact that it can clean the pool in half an hour, it will use less energy, which translates to reduced operating costs. Therefore, although you have to pay more money to purchase the product, you will eventually get to recover your investment, saving also more time for yourself as it will do all the cleaning work for you. So, from this point of view, we believe that this cleaner is definitely a great option for all those who want to replace their traditional pool cleaner.

Warranty and Support

In what concerns the warranty, it is covered for a period of 3 years, which means around 400 cycles, but it can definitely deliver great efficiency for many years. Therefore, in case there are any manufacturer’s defects, the company will make sure your product will be repaired or replaced, depending on the case. Additionally, it comes with a user manual where you will find more useful information about it and in case you have any additional questions, you can visit the manufacturer’s official website or call the customer service department.

Final Thoughts

Although cheaper than many of the models in its class, it truly offers the whole package. Starting from the technology used, which allows it to submerge and clean at high speed and ending with the amazingly-high suction power, it all says quality and performance. It offers 3 cleaning cycles, timers, and a remote, so you can easily adjust every function to the size of your pool and the environment around it. Even the warranty is more generous, so, yes, you can invest with confidence, as this is a true bargain.

Braden Ewing
Braden Ewing
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